Lifeboat Incident Tread

I know some of you have some pretty knarly images and videos of lifeboat incidents… post them here.

Here’s one from today’s blog post, “Lifeboat Incident Video


Holy Sh*t!!!

Oh my effin lawd!

Not sufficiently unusual an event. I think we’re looking at two things: an on-load release hook not properly set which opens when the boat hits the davits and I’d guess a non-spec elongated suspension ring which forced open the forward release hook. Lessons: make sure the hook’s properly set and that suspension rings are correct.

Thanks Bob! I watched the video several times to try to figure out what went wrong.

Here are some I put together from various gCaptain Lifeboat Incident Articles:

Also be sure to check out Schatt-Harding’s presentation , via BobCouttie!

Hi Folks,

the accident in the first video in the thread was caused because the cables controlling the on-load release mechanism weren’t adjusted properly. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone onboard when it happened.

I only know this because we’ve just completed making a safety DVD on the subject of lifeboat safety. I’d never realised just how dangerous these things are :eek:

We had a specialist with us as a consultant, and he was putting forward the case for using ‘Fall Preventer Devices’ (FPD’s) to prevent just such an incident.

I don’y know if this breaks any Forum rules, but there is a link to the films webpage below (Mods: If this is a no-no, let me know and I’ll remove the link)

I should have a pre-release version of the film early next week … I’ll post a link if anyone is interested.

The whole experience of making the training film made me very wary of setting foot inside a lifeboat, I can tell you :o

As I mentioned last week, we have a preview now of our new lifeboat safety DVD, featuring the incident above, amongst many others.

The preview is here:

If you are working for a shipping company or training establishment, and might be interested in purchasing the DVD, I can probably get you a full preview-only copy of the film. Send me a PM or email and I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile: