Just A Test - Looking For Hydrostatic Releases

I am writing an article for the blog on hydrostatic release units for Liferafts. I’d like to pull a few units apart and was hoping some of you guys have extra units you could send us. Used or [I]recently[/I] expired units would be ok too as long as they are in decent condition.

I’m also looking for a used EPIRB and case with a hydrostatic release (Category I) - but I realize I’ll probably need to get this from a manufacturer.

Here’ the address:
John Konrad
gCaptain HQ
1079 Balboa St
Morro Bay, CA 93442


I think I have an intact, expired Hammar hydro release for a life raft under the back seat of my truck. I was planning to put it between a float and weight and throw it in a lake and see if it works… :smiley: If I can dig it up I will try to send it to you if you want one of those.

That would be helpful Phoenix, thanks!