Classifieds Beta Testing

We are now BETA testing the new classifieds section of this forum.

I think their is still work we need to do on our end so we’d appreciate help by posting items and letting us know any bugs you find here in this thread.

Also of note… we have integrated paypal and, while we plan on leaving mariner’s postings free of charge, in the future we will charge companies for posting things like vessel equipment. But every posting is free during this beta program… so if it asks you to pay, please report it as a bug.


Thanks John,
This should be a very popular section.

You’re an animal John

Anyway to pm the seller from the ad?

good idea…call it “gBay”.

click on user name where it says by: ??? which takes you to the sellers profile page then click on send message.

Just found an “options” button as well that allows you to contact, buy, and some other stuff