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I tried to sign into your discoverer area but it was a no-go. Can I use the same log-in I created for this forum or do I need to create a new one?

Unfortunately you need to register/sign-up for both the forum & the news discoverer separately. You may, however, use the same user name and password for both areas of the site; this will in fact help us in the future when we combine the databases.


How do you guys make money?

Mostly by people clicking ads like the four near the top of this page.

So click on!

I wanted to sign up for the Discoverer with the same user name I am using here. However it did not like the space in my user name, so I had to write it together.


Sign-in issues are at the very top of our bug list. We have many experts working with the gCaptain team but, unfortunately, no programmers who are capable of addressing this issue. If you know a mariner who is good at PHP please forward his name to us… otherwise we plan on addressing the issue with a php professional asap.


I read through three pages of post. Great comments from your readers, which is the only reason Im still here. Without the people who post to this discussion group I would be other places.

One question: Why does it take so long to open a new page. Ive browsed all over the web for a few yeasrs and this place seems to take twice as long to open or click through the post comments. Any way to tinker with things to make it a bit faster?


“Without the people who post to this discussion group I would be other places.”

Bob, you’re 100% correct. There are only so many hours in the day for us at gCaptain… so user participation is very important to us! The biggest thing you can do to help us (besides visiting our sponsors [img]" border=“0” alt=“Wink” title=“Wink” /> is to help other members here and also submit and vote for story’s at our [news discoverer](" title="Discover Maritime News). The more you can do in providing content the more time we have to spend on site improvements and features.

“Any way to tinker with things to make it a bit faster?” I know it’s slow but didn’t realize the extent of the problem. I’ll bump this up on our list of priorities. Are the other sections of the site (blog, news discoverer…) acting slow for you as well or is this problem limited to this forum? Thanks!

When you submit a post you have an option bar on the top of the submission area. Do you all like this feature? Is it too complicated or need instructions? Any bugs to report?

Also don’t forget to provide you comments on our [User Survey](" target="_blank" title="Tell us how we can improve) form.



Great site John. Am I missing something or is they a way to just get new discussions to show up alone or at the top or something, rather than have to go through them all? <br><br><br>Robert

Robert,<br><br>When a new discussion is started, or a comment placed on an old discussion, the post gravitates to the top of the discussion list. After you sign in, posts you have not read are colored blue… they change to yellow after reading them. You can also browse the posts you have yet to read by clicking the “NEXT UNREAD >” link found at the bottom of each post. <br><br>Note: these features only work if you are logged into the site.<br><br>

We are all missing something - Capt.Lee is missing his heterosexuality for example. You can start your own discussion by hitting the button on the top left of the page, but the latest discussions start right under the stickies.<br><br>cough<br><br>…you already know how to find older post.

John, As many of the above guys have said,“Great site”.I don’t know the history of this place: how long it’s been up, how it got started or much else. But, it is definitely informative as well as entertaining. There is a lot to say for the camaraderie and willingness of the group you have attracted to give feedback and advice to one another. I have told a few of the guys around the company about it and all have had positive feedback. Well done and smooth sailing to all.

Anchorman you obviously don’t know the rules. <br><br> “It’s Not Gay if you’re underway!”

Excuse me?<br><br>Dude, just start putting your font in hot pink, bold if you want to…that’s the only thing missing.<br><br>OOPS !!! Did I just call you, “Dude”? My bad. <br><br>How about, " Captain All ways wishing to be dockside Lee"