I need buy, lease, or borrow a modular dock ASAP. It needs to be cheap…new or used is ok.

Some brands are Versadock, JetDock, Jetfloat, Magicfloat, Candock, Dockmarine, Cubisystem, and Airfloat.

I just need it for a few months between now and April 1st. It needs to be delivered to Cabo San Lucus, in Baja, Mexico by the END OF FEBRUARY at the latest. Ideally, the dock would come from someplace close to Cabo San Lucus to keep shipping costs down and because there isn’t much time.

I need at least 1000 cubes to make a decent sized platform. This many cubes means I can have a platform that is roughly 75’X30’.

I thought [U]THIS[/U] was gonna work out great, but I made a miscalculation and realized I need more like 1000 cubes and for as cheap as possible.

Maybe there is a jet ski/boat rental business or marina that is selling their old dock. or perhaps someone is going out of business and needs to sell their dock. Is there a place where i can find these docks for sale? I searched Craigslist across the whole USA and only found the above link to ebay.

I almost wonder if i can get it manufactured for cheaper myself, but then i might run into licensing/patent issues with the manufactures. I’m only going to use the dock for a few months, but it will be for commercial purposes.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!


Empty barrels and 2x6’s?

Hey James,
You should talk to Dan Blanchard at American Safari in Seattle. He bought the old GBC boats and they used jet docks. He might not need them this year.