WTB liveaboard in Puget Sound

I’m looking for a 35’-50’ trawler, cruiser, sport fish, etc… to liveaboard in the PNW. If ou have one or know of one for sale let me know. I would like to keep it under $40K.

Azimuth…is wood ok? if so then there are quite a few available which I can send your way…

Wood is fine but if it is very old I would prefer something refastened so I don’t have to go thru that godforsaken task! Thanks

Here’s a couple…one has a liveaboard slip to go with her



and if you’ve got a buck or two to spend, here is a screaming deal on a huge liveaboard!


in any event, CraigsList is the place to go to find a cool liveaboard, something new there everyday!

Good luck in your hunt…

I’ve already looked at the Norland and she is in the “definite possibility” catagory.