A big boat for sale cheap but one little problem

offered from a company close to myself:

The insurance company is rejecting our abandonment of the Safari Spirit. This action is typical when there is little or no recovery value for an insurer. This does not affect the insurance payoff, however any funds from the sale of the Safari Spirit will go to the insurance company. Anyway, I have an offer for 5K on the table that I can probably get up to 10K or so. If you or anyone you know wants a good hull and workable machinery let me know. The lower decks are mostly intact with heavy smoke damage and overhead heat / fire damage. Cabin C-2 and much of cabin C-1 have fire damage. The entire above deck structure is not re-buildable. This is not an easy or inexpensive rebuild.

The boat is at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard. Let me know if you or someone of interest wants to take a look…but please…serious folks only.

I expect we will decide on an offer this coming week.

Dan Blanchard
d: 206.838.9484 | f: 206.283.9322 | e: danb@innerseadiscoveries.com
3826 18th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119

A 105’ Aluminum hull with good engines (I forget the make and models). Cut the house off and gut her except for the engineroom and you can have a nice vessel but it will cost a few $$$ unless you are a good DIY’er.



Looks like a Poole Chaffee seiner hull… Great sea boat

[QUOTE=Flyer69;71096]Looks like a Poole Chaffee seiner hull… Great sea boat[/QUOTE]

Indeed it is my friend…you have one very well training eye for a boat hull!