Anybody here want a sweet little tug in Puget Sound?

the m/v MILLEWA just listed for auction sale at

calling Steamer…come in Steamer

Oh my, that’d be the perfect lazy summer on Catalina boat

That has pretty lines. At least from that angle in the photo

now the state is auctioning off an entire (minus the blower) 12-645F7B EMD engine

I am not going to bid on the tug because it is single screw and of limited commercial value however I am thinking seriously of bidding on the EMD if only to sell the parts from it but it is going to call for a way bigger trailer than I have

Get some farm plates and a used Peterbilt.

As for the tug, start a salvage company. Document your adventures on the forum.

That’s a gorgeous little boat. I have to wonder what she used to look like before they added the modern wheelhouse?

As for the EMD, I’m sure there are some Eastern European rail companies that would pay good money.

To bad that the Turbo and Intercoolers are missing along with the Governor. I wish that had pictures with the Top Deck Covers open. Even better would be a shot of the inside of the Airboxes.

I have seen a lot of busy small single screw tugs in use around the US doing barge assists. construction work, towing fishing boats, etc. In the right hands, that little tug could be productive and profitable.

so no one wanted the boat at $25k so the State relisted it at a whopping $15k less so now it can be had for only $10000!

That’s a steal if everything works. If they’re willing to deliver it to Norfolk, I have the cash.