Anyone out there in the great PNW run across the "Queen of Seattle?

Got a crazy part time boss that’s thinking a steam powered paddle wheeler might be a fun toy. Was COI’d for 240 pac. Seems to have 835’d out. Any info appreciated.

I’ve read in the Seattle papers she is moored on Lake Union and is for sale at 250,000.00 dollars. The owner, Lisa Dindinger, Alaska Travel Adventures, can be contacted at .

They took that thing to alaska a few years ago has a working paddle wheel and 2 120hp Hondas on the stern to steer…yikes

Under her own power? Paperwork says two 50 hp Honda’s. What could possibly go wrong?

oh only 50’s huh most likely sounds like a voyage to paridise. I know they made it there and back. They only did one season in SE AK I think. They were doing local cruises in lake Union for about a year but that didn’t last long. I think she has a giant steam calliope you could hear her coming from a ways away lol

Anybody out there with both a steam ticket and religion?

New church agrees to buy paddle-wheeler Queen of Seattle

The owners of the 138-foot paddle-wheeler Queen of Seattle have agreed to sell the vessel for $250,000 to a fledgling Seattle-area church that hopes to use it for retreats, worship, counseling sessions and conferences.

Lisa Dindinger of Alaska Travel Adventures, owners of the steam-powered stern-wheeler since 2005, said Pastor Steve Brown of A Walk With Jesus Church submitted the only written offer for the vessel, which has been used for tours in Seattle and Alaska.