RFPNW in the PNW

Hi there I am just finishing my courses to take my 500ton oceans 1600 mate test. Even though I have been master of a vessel for 4 years they want me to do RFPNW assesments. PMI want 700 for the simulator. I was wondering if anybody out here in the PNW would give me a hour of there time on there vessel for my assesments. they have to hold a 500ton and the vessel must be over 200tons. I know this might be a long shot but I would give you a free days work or buy dinner and booze! Just throwing it out there I hope it doesn’t seem rude not sure what the etiquette it is for asking something like this. I just dropped 7 grand on classed so it would help me out alot. Hopefully if I get all my stuff submitted in dec i wll be able to test in jan even if they lose the licence.

Cheers and Thanks, David

Please list the specific assessments you need done. I may know a boat but an hour is all you want?

I have them printed they are only about 19. Hold a steady course, starboard 20 degrees, steer by compass ect ect. It should not take long at all. It’s just another loop and paying for my classes has been quite stressful being unemployed. Thanks for your help.

Oh year those. I can’t help you. The boat I was thinking about is tied up and can’t get underway. Good luck with that!

Thanks for the thought anyway, I knew it was a shot in the dark lol