Rfpnw guess I can't ever get it done?

So I have letters of seatime saying over 100 tons and over 200 tons now I’m on 197 ton vessel just started company few months ago can’t get on bigger better boat til I get STCW-95 I was finally able get class take it on simulator turned it into NMC. Now getting letter saying I have to get seatime showing that I was in training for RFPNW for the 180 days? I thought this was purpose of getting assessments done at a school? I don’t know what to do anymore just go back to tugs or get land job really starting get to me. The company I got most of my seatime with on over 200 tons capt left before I quit. Only letters I got are from human resources. I finally got decent job now but no room to grow without stcw 95.:frowning:

I feel your frustration. Or is that my own? I’ll share my SNAFU with you all.

I just spent a little over 100 days on a vessel over 200ton. The mate was kind enough to run me through the assessments and sign them. I sent those in with my discharge and got the same response. You have to have a letter specifically stating that X amount of time was spent on the training or have the officer sign a form that keeps track of that time. But that form was not included in the RFPNW assessments package! :confused::mad:

Now I have to see if he will sign that and mail it to him, and get some more time logged on it. I’m considering taking a really…unpopular job so I can get that squared away. And keep money coming in.

As far as I know there is not a class what will satisfy the requirements for RFPNW. With a class you can get the limited endorsement which will allow you to accrue the time and it counts for a fraction of the seatime/training but only 1/3 if I remember correctly. There is another form that is similar but for OINCW assessments. I would recommend getting them both signed off and avoid the same issue when you go for a higher tonnage license. PM me a reminder and I’ll dig out those forms in pdf and send them to you.

I read your post several times and could not figure out what your situation is. Given that you are looking for assistance about your future, I suggest starting with complete sentences. You might also want to look at the Code of Federal Regulations on-line. The answer to every question is there.

well class on simlutor waives the assements think just need find a new career or get back on tugs as I’m not making any real money on these osvs anyways about spend all the holidays away from family just doesn’t seem be worth the bs anymore

He’s post menopausal, that’s all. No more periods.

It waves a portion of it. However, when I did RFPNW I just submitted my sign-on/sign-off dates and the REC took that. Granted that was before NMC. Maybe I got lucky.

Sorry… For misspelling and not making myself more clear. I just was trying to deal with all this info online e-mailing NMC back and forth and dealing with them on phone. Don’t get much dock time and was already heading back offshore. I have 100 days on 297 ton vessel. Never had chance to get assessments done. I now work on 197 ton osv with 200 ton capt so they were not able to help. I had taken the class to get my assessments done and turned it in. Included letters of seatime for over 200 and over 100 tons. Sent off to NMC when we hit dock checked status was awaiting more info so I called. I was told that I needed to have a separate paper not letter of seatime and have a 500 ton capt sign off saying I was in training for RFPNW for 90 days on vessel over 200 tons and 90 days for vessel over 100. As stated I can’t even get my form signed off for 100 tons on this boat as Capt is only 200 ton capt they don’t put 500 ton or 1600 ton capts on these boats. I just feel at a loss as to what to do. On the form she sent to my email it also says can be signed off by an AB with STCW? I’m going try get answer from them in am. Anyways sorry to have bothered posting my story and sorry on my bad typing. Just lil pissed wasted all this time and money to get class done and its useless.

So go put you’re big girl panties on and spend some off your off time talking to some companies with bigger boats that will put you on them till you find one that will hire you. Companies are starting to hire again.

Quite bitching about this little speed bump and consider it a lesson learned to read and understand the CFRs before getting all pissed off, because if you are planning on getting your license the hoops you have to jump through for that is nothing compared to this.

how about I put my panties on and bash u know let me stop arguring on net with a 500 ton capt who thinks he is god moderator please delete my account as can’t see to find out how to. bye thanks for your smart ass remarks better things to do then deal with lil capts who think they the shit. I wish was on your boat for hr ha

so the deal is that the assessments have to be signed off by someone with a big license. but you already have the assessments done. so you dont need to worry about that.

what you need is a letter stating that your seatime consisted of x numbers of days that were “an eight-hour day under training carrying out duties associated with navigational watchkeeping functions.” The seatime letter you submitted to them must not have been specific enough.

These training watches must be supervised by someone who has RFPNW. Then can have a license, be an AB, whatever.

Fletcher Technical Community College (Houma) offers a course where you will only have to prove 60 days of “watchstanding diuties” on a vessel over 200 tons

Aww, did the poor little deckhands feelings get hurt? Sorry I told you what you needed to hear not what you wanted.

Let me see if this is better.

How DARE the Coast Guard not make a magical loop hole for a great guy like yourself that allows you and only you to bypass the regulations that every other mariner in the WORLD has to follow. Those bastards!

As for the personal attacks, it’s all right. I know how you children get when you’re upset about not getting your way with your cute name calling and pouty expressions.

I don’t take it personally, but let me point out something that I generally notice about guys with your type of personality do. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you are around 40 and been a deckhand your whole life. I know it’s hard looking up at that asshole in the wheel house every day saying to your self “I could do his job, just sitting there driving a boat having the deckhand bring me coffee all day long.” For years you have been telling everyone who will listen that you are going to get your license some day, just like every other deckhand I have ever worked with, but you won’t. Just like every other deckhand I have worked with. Even when I encourage them and inform them exactly what they have to do. I know its got to sting JUST a little bit more when a young buck in his 20’s, like me, walks up the gang way, with that little extra swagger from in his step from my god complex and all, and tells you that I am now your boss. I know, a little prick like me who’s been out of diapers less time then you’ve been a deckhand! Isn’t that a swift kick to the balls.

At the end of the day I kept my shit wired tight, stayed out of trouble, made sure that I dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s and jumped through all the hoops so I could have my little 500 ton license. While you are just sitting there bitching about not getting everything in order just so you can get some messily RFPNW completed, looking for sympathy from a forum full of guys who have also jumped through all the hoops.

actually I’m 28 and unlike you who is prob 45 and making what 100k year and think you god? My dad is 48 and makes over 275k year but I didn’t care to work in family business and have had fallen out with him. So just cause you 500 ton capt and was prob the lil fat kid in school everyone beat up you now think you better??? Hence why I quit 3 coonass jobs cause I ain’t a lil pssy like your deckhands you get in my face I’ll get in yours. I dare you lay hand on me I don’t give rats ass who you are. I didn’t join military for this reason it’s a job and nobody owns me… if you read policy 14-02

As stated in policy 14-02

  1. Applicants for the STCW certification must provide evidence of:
    a. Either six months of approved, seagoing service that includes training and experience
    associated with navigational watchkeeping functions and involves duties carried out under the
    direct supervision of the master, officer in charge of the navigational watch or qualified
    ratings; or
    b. Satisfactory completion of a course approved or accepted as “special training” required by
    the STCW plus a period of approved seagoing service. The length of the period of approved
    seagoing service will be specified as part of the course’s approval and will not be less than
    two months; and
    c. Evidence that the applicant meets the standards of 46 CFR 12.05-5 as regards to eye sight,
    color vision, and hearing.

where hell does it say letter of seatime is not suitable for justification of required sea service???

Where does it state you need a capt to say you actually did nav duties and didnt’ just sit around pick your nose for 12 hrs day or suck up to the bs capt such as yourself???

and who says I was looking for sympathy don’t get mad that jodie stole your women and I could careless when I woke up this morning I decided this not job I care to do anymore so when my time is off I’ll go back to welding being home everyday with family is better then dealing with POS ppl like you

I’m sorry I should have read your first post better, but all you need to do is get your BST, hate how the office thinks STCW-95 is BST, endorsed on your MMD. You can also get your MMD endorsed for AB lookout duties only so you can get on a bigger boat to get your RFPNW done. Hell just take your certificates that you have from your BST class up to the office and they might move you up with out having it on your MMD.

You start a thread explaining your situation, even admitting defeat, which is a ploy for sympathy. Then when several answers are giving explaining what you need to do, then you give a longer unneeded explanation. Hell you started this thread knowing the answer to your question, you were just hoping that there was a hole you could squeeze through, but got all pissed off when told there wasn’t one and didn’t like the answers you where given.

I didn’t join military for this reason it’s a job and nobody owns me.

I would like to talk about this one specifically. Who talked about the military? I’ve never been in the military myself, so…?

The second part about it just being a job, that is were you need an attitude correction. You know what the difference between a job and a career is? When you work at a job, you do the minimum you can so you don’t piss of the boss. When you’re in a career, you should go the extra mile, doing tasks beyond your minimum job description because you take pride in what you do and want to be the best you can regardless of what the boss thinks. So boat are not your thing, that’s fine, but don’t insult those of us that do love our careers by throwing insults around like a petulant child that needs a time out. So for your own sake I hope you do find something your passionate about because if all you do is work a job you will never rise above mediocrity. But if this is the path you choose, please don’t bitch about how life is not fair and how you could do something if you wanted.

If one was to read my last post for comprehension they would see that I mentioned I was in my 20’s, in fact I’m 29 got 6 more months that I can use that line till I turn old at 30. I’m not sorry that I’ve apparently accomplished more then you have in roughly the same amount of time, but am sorry for what ever jealously that you have built up in your head for those of us that have applied ourselves and accomplished something.

Boy haven’t you learned that the only people that brag about how much their daddy makes are those still living off of daddy? Or in your case wishing. So congrats on your daddy that makes over a quarter mill a year! To bad your just now finding out that there are some things in life that daddies money cant buy, like manners, basic grammar, respect, and an RFPNW. You’re still a deckhand making $40k if your at a top company but I doubt that and you are more likely to clear $30k. If you where to ever get your AB you would still top out at $80k. Again at your top companies, but hey $80k<$100k, so who’s still the big winner in the pay check penis game? I will admit that you have me beat in the “My dad can beat up your dad round”, but I don’t measure my own self worth by how much my Father makes.

Check out this thread for a reality check on what guy like me are making. Pay Raises I mean it’s not the big money your daddy is obviously making, but it pays the bills. Last time I checked though 100k a year is still good money, but that’s what your top 100 ton guys make. Thanks for insulting them.

Hard to believe that with a stellar attitude like yours that you have been through three companies. Is quitting what you tell those around you to save your self the embarrassment of telling them you where fired? I mean with an attitude like that it’s hard to imagine why you can’t get in touch with an old captain to get some stuff signed.

I haven’t gotten in a fight since junior high, don’t plan too any time soon. But I again never measured my self worth by my ability to beat some ones ass, so your threats of physical violence are lost on me. Especially over the internet. I mean come on I’m a captain, I have much better way to fuck you up then kick your ass, like fucking with your money by getting you fired because you bowed up at me. But no big deal to a big man like yourself.

But you’ve given up mentally and decided to go hang out with your redneck welder buddies were you can puff your chest out and tell them how you told off a captain on some random message board and they can support your obviously overinflated ego as you bump chest together. Funny thing is if you do ship repair you will in a sense still be working for me when I come in for some repairs! :smiley:

As for the jab at what I assume was me turning my last girlfriend in to a lesbian, well she did like to play for both teams before I came along. So lord knows what she going down on right now. She is so fucked up in the head that a whole team of psychiatrist could retire off trying to diagnose that level of crazy. But that was over 3 years ago and I have since gotten married and my wife has several times pointed out that she has no interest in the opposite sex, much to my disappointment, so lets call that one a draw.

Thank you so much for the entertainment. I was wondering what I was going to do today.

I feel your frustration. Or is that my own? I’ll share my SNAFU with you all.

[QUOTE=james757;59589]…where hell does it say letter of seatime is not suitable for justification of required sea service??? Where does it state you need a capt to say you actually did nav duties and didnt’ just sit around pick your nose for 12 hrs day or suck up to the bs capt such as yourself???[/QUOTE]

In the paragraph immediately after the one you quoted:

[I]A day of approved seagoing service for qualification as a RFPNW is an eight-hour day under training carrying out duties associated with navigational watchkeeping functions under the direct
supervision of the master, the officer in charge of a navigational watch, or a qualified rating (STCW Regulation II/4). A qualified rating for training purposes is an able seaman holding an STCW certificate. The applicant must provide a record showing each day, or fo ur-hour period, when service under training was completed. The record of sea service must include the name of the vessel, the date(s) of the training, indicate whether it was a ocean or near coastal voyage, and be signed by the master, chief mate, or an officer in charge of the watch who holds a license of second mate or higher. The signing officer should include his license number. At least 50% of the service must be performed on a seagoing vessel of at least 200 gross register tons (GRT) (equal to 500 GT). The other 50% may be performed on seagoing vessels that meet the requirements of reference (b) for qualification as an able seaman. All steering and helm assessments must be completed on a vessel of at least 100 GRT. See Table 1 of this enclosure for specific equipment requirements.[/I]