Question for Mr. Cavo\RFPNW

Mr. Cavo,

I am a Maritime Academy graduate that did not sit for my license at the time of graduation (prior to STCW comming into full effect). I recently updated all of the SCTW courses toward 3rd Mate Unlimited\Oceans and submitted an application for 3M\OICNW and AB Unlimited. I was evaluated and NMC granted me an MMD as AB Unlimited but my application for 3M OICNW timed out based on lack of Recency (which I expected).

My goal is to sail as AB in order to get Recency but I’m having a hard time getting RFPNW. The school sent a letter documenting the 180 days seatime and that the competencies in Policy Letter 14-02 were included in the curriculum. My application is currently pending and I’m not sure NMC is going to accept the letter for either the sea time or the assessments. They have been very helpful but my app is two weeks away from expiration and I’m getting worried.

Question: If I qualify for OICNW aside from Recency shouldn’t I qualify for RFPNW? Isn’t RFPNW inherent in the qualifications for OICNW?

If I have to I can pay to do the 14-02 assessments in a simulator but the seatime piece is troubling because if I have the time for 3M\OICNW I must have the sea time for RFPNW.

Any advice or recomendations would be appreciated.