Another RFPNW question!

My problem is that I have plenty of sea time, but none of it is on a vessel over 200 tons. The RFPNW requires 180 days sea service and @least 90 of those days on 200+ ton vessels and the assessments which have to be filled out by a qualified assessor on a vessel 100+tons or an approved school. Speaking with the CG they said that if i went to a school for the assessments then i would be issued an RFPNW “lookout” good for 1 year while i get the 200 ton time. My question is since all the school does is fill out the assessments (and cash an $800 check for 8 hrs) cant my capt. (who is a qualified assessor) on the vessel (which is 100tons) fill out the assessments instead the school? If not then why???



Jay - You don’t say what license you are going after, or where you are from. A number of members here have gone through L E Fletcher’s RFPNW assessment class in Houma LA to qualify for their 500 T Master. The class is around $400, and the instructor is great.

You might check with them to see if it would work.

Good luck!

sorry, Im going for my AB special with STCW. I am currently in the UK but I am in FL alot and may possibly be going to the gulf soon. I would like to get the RFPNW when I get back to the states.

Is the vessel 100GRT or Greater ? Or is it 99 tons like so many of the “100 ton” boats commonly referred to? To sign off on the assessments the vessel will have to be equal to or greater than 100GRT.

You will need to verify that it is indeed 100GRT on the COI, or else the assessments won’t be valid if completed aboard the vessel. My guess is that it’s 99GRT or somewhere close to it.

Good luck, welcome to “jumping through the hoops”…it only gets worse :slight_smile: , but worth it…