Question about RFPNW Assessor approval

I previously held a 500 ton master in '84 ,1600 ton Master 91-94, .
I have applied to be an RFPNW assessor.
Currently hold Master 200 and MOTunltd.

NMC only has records of me serving as mate above 200.
I Iost all my records in Katrina.
I am currently an instructor at a maritime teaching facility.

Question is this.

If the 1600 master, goes to bed and the Mate is on the watch for twelve hours a day , doesn’t that make the Mate 1600, the OICNW during his watch ?
If yes, then wouldn’t that comply with the OICNW ( greater than 200 ton ) requirement for RFPNW assessor?:

I appreciate and welcome any help with this.

The requirement is for you to actually hold an endorsement as OICNW, not just have served as an OICNW.