Why can't a 1600 Ton Master sign off RFPNW?

I have an OS onboard with me, he has his RFPNW booklet signed off. He has been to A/B class and has completed. He also had 2 licensed 1600 ton masters sign his RFPNW. NMC West Virginia told him that the RFPNW had to be signed off by someone with at least 2nd mate unlimited or higher. When did this start. Could you help explain this Mr.Cavo.


What happened is your OS got a hold of and idiot at NMC. Not To worry Have him/her send their application in with all the proper documents and it will be ok once it gets in the evaluation process. If your OS needs some comfort read www.uscg.mil/nmc/marpers/pag/14-02.pdf. This is the policy letter dealing with RFPNW. Your contact person is getting confused with policy letter 01-02 dealing with OICNW this is for 3rd/2nd mate unlimited OR they are not reading the complete paragraph on being a shipboard assessor in policy letter 14-02. The last 2 lines of the paragraph read " …The assessor must be a licensed deck officer holding an unlimited second mate or higher level license, and appropriate STCW-95 certificate or master holding a limited license and STCW-95 certificate at the management level (master)."

hope this helps
mistakes are not uncommon at NMC but they are becoming less frequent.

We were asked this several times in the past week, and it was discussed this afternoon to make sure the application of the policy was understood. A Master 500 or 1600 GRT can sign the RFPEW or OICNW assessments.
James D. Cavo
USCG National Maritime Center

Thanks for all the help & Comments chaos & JDCavo. Your help is appreciated.

Well there’s the problem I’ve been assessing for RFPNW not RFPEW.
I hold a large OSV, a 2nd mate unlimited, and 1600 ton master of oceans. I assessed an OS for RFPMW and it was turned down, because I am not on a OMSA list. I have even taken the 1 day assessors course.
He had to go to another boat and be assessed by another captain. His AB document was delayed another month, which cost him about $3,000 in pay. What gives?
Is there an OMSA list, who needs to be on it, why do you need to be on it?