1600 ton Master to sign off 3rd unl assessments?

Capt Cavo, I have an email from Stewart Walker ( NMC Mariner Credentialing Program Policy Division) dated 19 Jul 2007 that says as a 1600 ton Master Oceans with a valid STCW certificate, I can conduct the mariner assessments for a 3rd mate unlimited. Even with this email in hand, I’ve been told this is not the case. Can you pelase confirm? Thanks

Don’t you know, Capmike, that we’re not worthy?

They are the exact same assessments I had to complete. So far I’m convinced it has more to do with the time of day and direction of the wind on the day that the evaluator looks at the assessments. That’s why I want to get Capt Cavo’s input. He has been right on so far. Without sucking up too much I have to say that I trust his word more than anyone else I’ve experienced at NMC. Hopefully it is all just growing pains up there.

i actually think it is growing pains. I’ve had a couple of problems, one requiring an appeal to Capt. Stalfort, one requiring a letter to my congressman. The respose and resolution I received to both issues, while unacceptabley delayed, were to my satisfaction. I do get the sense that they are working hard to make this a success and in the long run wind up with a system that works for the benefit of the mariner.
I’ll most likely be retired by then, but what the hell, they’re trying.

Captmike i have that same email (did i fwd it to you)??

i had your same concerns so i got my assessments done by and unlimited master
it will be interesting to here what J.C. has to say about it.

Many people (myself included) have been assessed by 1600 tons masters for a 3rd mate application. I’ve seen it done more than once, right or wrong, it’s being done.

They should be OK to sign. The assessments are the same for 3rd Mate, Mate 500, Mate 1600. If the Master 1600 can’t sign them, there’d be no one on that boat that can. I need to confirm that the evaluators are accepting them, but they should be. You should have brought this up yesterday. We could have straigthenned it out in the same meeting we straightened out the RFPNW question.
James D. Cavo

Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division

USCG National Maritime Center

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Chaos, I got the email from Gumbo. I had a similar case/question and overheard my conversation and passed it on to me.

captmike if Gumbo just forwarded the email to you then you should see my email address, because I sent it to Gumbo.

good luck on the assessments