In regards to getting RFPNW…Is there a link to a practical assessments page? Something that I can print off for an approved assessor to check off and sign.

I’m unable to find a document with areas for the assessor to complete. All I can find is the general guidelines with nowhere for the assessor to autograph.

Provide evidence of meeting the Standards of Competence prescribed in Section A-II/4 of STCW Code:

  1. Record of Practical Performance Assessments from NVIC 06-14

I found this looking for similar information last night. It’s a 77 page pdf that has all the quals in a checklist sort of form.

Able Seafarer - Deck Qualification Guidelines

NVIC 6-14. You’ll need both Enclosures (2) and (3). (2) describes what you have to do, and (3) is for the assessor to sign and you to turn in when you apply.

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Much appreciated.

Also…if I take an approved course, what additional requirements must I meet for the sea service?

“Proof of successful completion of a coast guard approved or accepted training, which includes:
• Not Less than 60 days of approved seagoing service”

It says ‘60 days approved seagoing service’ …would I be able to apply sea time spent as master on a 150 passenger 80 ton ship on NC waterways, mixed with the RFPNW assessments course?

That’s not a course, and it’s not normal sea time. That option id=s a program where tou are assigned to a vessel for training. You can’t just take a short course ashore and have then go work as an OS or deck hand. A course for assessments is just that, and only that. You can do the assessments ashore instead of while you’re working on a vessel.

Copy that. Thanks again for your help.

Just to be clear:

With having 900 days of sea time as master of an 80 Ton 150 passenger Vessel in Near Coastal waters, also having STCW basic training, national AB Special with PSC, and an RFPNW course from Seaschool - I’m not eligible for an RFPNW endorsement?