540' floating drydock up for sale on gsaauctions.gov

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! only $100 opening bid and no reserve!


if anyone might know of a party interested in bidding send this. WHAT A DEAL!

I don’t know about that, more up to date photos show some rust staining and faded paint. But, if the dock shown in your photo came with it I would be willing to bid a few hundred bucks.

It almost looks like War surplus but which War? Floating docks are nortorious for sinking on their way to a new home.


Thanks for that. The steel from that period is worth something.

I remember back in '71 in San Diego, the ARD WHITE SANDS toting the Bathyscaphe Trieste. Interesting jobs back then.

Pretty cynical implementation of “drawings”. :frowning:

It does have a WWII Victory Medal! That’s gotta count for something.

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Do you get credit for hiring an aging war veteran if you buy it?

Speaking as another aging veteran, Oak Ridge is the one the Coast Guard bought some years back mainly so they could drydock the barque Eagle

Oak Ridge is familiar to me even more so because she was used by the Navy at the submarine base in Kings Bay, GA early 80’s. I was stationed there back then. I remember doing some work on it.

She certainly is WWII vintage and has an interesting history.