Acting SECNAV Modly submits his resignation

Acting SECNAV Modly submits his resignation.


Wow! An honorable act by a Trump appointee, I guess pigs do fly once in a while.


The POTUS45 Orwellian attention-grabbing machine in high gear.

  1. Make a villain of Captain Crozier.
  2. Have a disposable stooge (Modly) do the dirty work and stick the knife.
  3. Reality TV: Modly address the crew of the TR. The world watches.
  4. POTUS45 gauges audience reaction.
  5. Audience looks on the villain as a victim? Can the stooge.
  6. POTUS45 becomes the hero.

All in the space of 1 Orwell of news cycle.
Supporters wildly clap…


OMG, using salty talk in front of sailors. What is this world coming to, me2 forever.

The liberal press is driving this bus. You better stay out of their way.

Thank god I’m retired. what a bunch of pus…

If all you took from that rambling tirade in which the Secretary Of The Navy called one of his CO’s naive and stupid to an entire ship over the 1MC was that he said shit a few times, you’re tremendously dense.


POTUS45 mentioned in last night’s rally, er, I mean press conference with a very forlorn look that he didn’t want to see anyone lose his job over this. He said he would “take a look at it”. Although he claimed to have very little knowledge of the firing, his other comments make this hard to believe.

May you live in interesting times: Enjoy the double irony.

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POTUS45 will reinstate Captain Crozier in a news conference/rally. Put a MAGA hat on him, by the podium. Give him a nickname: "COVID Crozier”. “Battling Brett”. Something punchy.

POTUS45: “I was always for Battling Brett. Wanted my admirals to dock the boat in Greenland but they never listen. Many people are saying it."

Meanwhile Spencer, Spicer, Bolton, Kelly, and the Mooch make room on the bench for Modly, as he dons his “Only the Best People” windbreaker.

Supporters clap wildly.


Too bad the comments yelled back at him from the crew were unintelligible.

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Throughout the recording, sailors can be heard in the background pushing back on Modly’s remarks defending his decision to dismiss their former CO. A sailor can be heard hollering “What the fuck?”

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POTUS45 names 25-star general Zapp Brannigan from Futurama TV show as new Navy Secretary. Says, “Why not? What can it hurt?”

At ceremony, Secretary Brannigan quotes POTUS45:


Dying here…

ETA There are four of them.

Kiff my good man…

The signal to noise, or rather screeching, ratio on this supposed maritime forum just keeps getting worse.

The captain messed up when he went outside the chain of command.

The SecNav messed up when he inserted his foot in his mouth.

And yet always, always, always the guy at the top is blameless, pure, and god-like in his stable genius…

(derangement indeed)

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So , something has changed over the last million years? LMAO. Changed parties a few times over the years. I vote for who puts me in the best position for the next four years, not unlike any voter, whatever party who that might be, my decision.

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I’ll tell you what. I’m on leave right now. Usually I’d be doing something fun like camping the Australian outback, crossing Lake Victoria by cargo boat, eating a super hero burger in Trondheim, or diving the Bocas del Toro. Sadly I’m stuck at home, bored, unable to go anywhere fun thanks to this coronavirus. All I have for entertainment is gCaptain, President Trump’s daily coronavirus brief/pep-rally and a lot of booze. So you’d better get out there and make America great again so I can hop a plane to Kathmandu and leave gCaptain to you.



Whenever the irrational political righteous indignation gets too much you can stop reading or… Go back to this other Trump bashing thread to see how smart these guys really are. They’re all for social distancing now but were against restricting movement of people around the planet when doing so would of made a world of difference. These anti-Trumpers are just afraid like so many others & lash out at the easiest target. Its therapeutic for them. It’s like religious people blaming bad things that happen on evil spirits or the Devil. It helps people process bad things that happen. Everything is Trumps fault all the time. People pretty much do it to every president, PM, king or dictator. I’ve seen junior crewmembers do it to senior officers & office personnel too. It doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, just locker room banter, you’re just in the wrong locker room.


Finally he gets it…

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All this current mess isn’t Trump’s fault for sure but he sure isn’t an inspirational leader with a history of honesty, responsible leadership and well reasoned thought either. Very often he seems either delusional or completely devoid of factual knowledge. If he weren’t such a braggart it would be unkind to pick on him so much as It is hardly fair to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.