U.S. Navy Video of USS Chancellorville Forced to Maneuver by Russian Destroyer

Oh boy, here we go again.

Unless they just needed UNREP…

These childish games are just plain stupid and dangerous.
Lately, Russian bombers have been making more incursions into the Alaskan ADIZ where they are met with F-22s and the USAF does the same near Russian air space. It’s Russian roulette on a global scale that proves nothing.

If you look at 0:38 looks like the Rooskies blinked first. The wake shows Udaloy making a slight turn to stbd.

But less provocative than a shot across the bow, nu? It’s not as though we’re not going where we know they don’t want us.

I’m guessing that it’s also less provocative than a Diplomatic Note, but that’s strictly a guess.

An alien dad is showing the earth to his son as they hover above in their flying saucer.
Dad tells his son “The earthlings have managed to harness the power of the atom to create weapons.”
The son asks “Are they an emerging intelligence?”
Dad says “I don’t think so, they’ve aimed the weapons at themselves.”


We haven’t seemed to be able to get past “If I don’t make this horrendous thing, somebody else will and point it at me”.

Maybe the climate will teach us that we’re all in the same boat and need to pull together. At the least maybe it will teach us that political lies actively injure us.

The older I get the more what Voltaire said makes sense to me: “If God did not exist it would be necessary to invent Him”.

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Probably the kind of scale needed to get our attention; a fresh start, as our current level of consciousness seems to have hit a wall.


He said, she said…

From the news, it appears that navigators on both the ships thought that theirs was the ‘stand on’ vessel… Happens all the time at sea in situations like this in daytime and in clear visibility. If it was interpreted as 'Overtaking Situation (ColRegs Rule #13) where Russian vessel was overtaking (passing) Chancellorville, the Russian ship being the ‘Give Way’ vessel would have to keep clear of Chancellorville.

If it was a ‘Crossing Situation’ (as apparently interpreted by the Russian) , then Chacellorville would have to take ‘Early and Substantial’ action to keep clear of the Russian vessel on her own starboard side.

Fortunately, no contact occurred!

And part ‘C’ of Rule 13 would apply if there were any doubts whether it was a ‘Crossing’ or an ‘Overtaking’ situation.
© When a vessel is in any doubt as to whether she is overtaking another, she shall assume that this is the case and act accordingly.

Hopefully, the Russians will read the book!

I doubt it. It’s just an elaborate game as old as the cold war. Iranian gun boats would shadow us alongside our MSC ship while we were officially “conducting survey operations in international waters” with big cameras focusing on our array of antennas and towing equipment.
They knew exactly what we were doing.
I’m sure you can find out if you dig hard enough but you won’t hear it from me because I don’t want steely eyed agents in cheap suits knocking on my door. :worried:


The reports I’ve read state that the USN was in the process of recovering a helicopter. Would that be enough to be considered restricted in their ability to maneuver?


Given the long history of the US and Russian navies playing chicken with each other when in each other’s waters, I doubt them aces.

Agreed with your logic. But, would the Russians risk a collision with their own naval ship just to get a few close-up pictures? The video shows the two ships came too close for anyone’s comfort. Vinogradov looks like a ship too big to be sacrificed for obtaining those pictures.

Iranian boats are a different story. Their crew (wearing red bands around foreheads) had the reputation, from Iran/Iraq war, of firing at the supertankers that were outbound with cargo loaded from Iranian ports! So, nothing they do should surprise anyone.

What’s even worse about the escalating US-Russian tensions is the common citizens of the US & Russia don’t want a conflict. It’s a very few in the media, some politicians & a few in the militaries who want a fight. Our cultures have more in common with one another in each passing year. Both countries should round up our warmongers, put them in an arena, let them duke it out & leave the rest of us at peace.

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Not for pictures. It’s playground aggression pure and simple. One side aggresses by being there, the other side by trying to frighten the “invaders”.


Pitching one high and inside, brushing back the batter.

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Note the dipped starboard anchor, just to provide a little “ump”. Fk’g Ivan. . .

Where’s a MK 48 when you want one?