Admiral Buzby Resigns

Largely symbolic at this point, but nonetheless.

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It is fairly business as usual is it not for existing administration officials to resign before the new one enters office? Personally, I liked Buzby and it would have been interesting to see him carry on, but oh well…

I liked Buzby’s efforts in a closed hand. He did his best, and a decent fellow. Chao backed him, more than I can say from quite a few administrations appointees before them.

Historically it seems irregular enough to not draw conclusions. Some resign on the 20th, some a few days before, some mid term, and even a handful appear to have stayed on through a transition.

I think it would have been just fine if Buzby carried on a few years, but will be interested to see the next administrator’s priorities too. Is it correct to say the incoming admin hasn’t nominated anyone yet?

(In response to the comment someone flagged, I was unaware we were calling the Maritime Executive “leftist media” now :man_shrugging:)

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It was great to have an administrator with real maritime experience.


It didn’t seem quite right.