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Word out is that RAdm Buzby is to be relieved by RAdm Thomas Shannon. Boi says he’s a Maine Maritime grad, usual list of ticket punches on the way up. Anyone got 411 on this guy?

I have known Tom Shannon (Maine Maritime '82) for a long time. A fine professional mariner, seaman, honorable naval officer, and a very fine choice for COMSC. This may well be the best choice for MSC in the last thirty years.

Capt Wade Armstrong
Pearl Harbor Pilots

Well let’s see, the last one was also a maritime graduate. The one before a real nut case that brought in changes Msc is still hurting from. " honorable naval officer? They make them? Few if any naval officers I ever knew could be classed as a fine seaman and mariner. After all, thats not a trait needed by USN officers these days. What Msc needs to do is get as far away from the USN as possible administratively. Generally speaking, any admiral sent to Msc is being told by the USN your career is over… Just as with most any other USN officers sent to msc. ( east coast deputies etc). Time will tell, but all politics and tail kissing aside I’d consider the source.

Tom’s career is far from over Skipper. Find and read his bio.

I know Tom from his first day at MMA and his rise in the USN has been a real pleasure to see. I think he is actually in another role at present and just made 2 star, but who knows …

What can be done about MSC to make it better, well that is another thread I guess.

I don’t know the man. But he’s a naval officer and that to me says it all. Msc needs to get away from the USN on a management level to become a better organization. I know that won’t happen, but it would be the best move. ( and please don’t tell me when working for the USN the USN will always make management decisions - case in point the RFA). I worked with and spoke to a number of COMSCs in my time with msc. only one was worth the time of day and really cared about the civmars. That was Holder. The issue then was DC management . When you have people in DC that are SES level civil servants that hat civmars no wonder things can’t get done to support the Msc work force. Holder wanted to make a difference but kept getting blindsided by the established SES level who would take the sit and wait stance. They knew as with any COMSC Holder would be gone in a few years and they would just stagnate on issues they didn’t see as worthy. The real rub is that Msc could have been a really good place to work, but due to the lack of real ability to lead and make needed changes it never got there. What is wrong with msc would not take a new thread to discuss, it would take a complete forum, a panne of experts, and massive printed material such as a set of encyclopedias and then your only have scratched the surface. Sadly Msc cannot be fixed.

I know T.K. Shannon personally. He was my captain while I served on the USS DeWert. I had and still have more respect for this man than any other Captain I have worked for. Not only was he knowledgeable he was a man of his word. He has made a few foes along the way but that is because of how he was. Another thing is he would allow anyone to stand a position if you quailified for it. That means you didn’t have to be an officer to be the OOD underway. Yea, us blue shirts may have had to know our stuff more then some Ensign standing OOD but at least this man let you do it if you proved you could do the job. If you couldn’t do a job he would replace you after he told you “If you screw this up I will replace you.”

Yes sir, I had my butt chewed out by him, it was my fault though for not doing what was expected out of me. It never happened again. LOL!!

We always called him THE KILLER for T.K.

This was all as a Navy Commanding Officer of a ship. I don’t know how he changed when he went to the Pentagon. He may have became political, I don’t know but the man spoke his mind and did what he said when I was under him. I couldn’t see him changing to much by demanding only what is right. When he said ALL HANDS ON DECK he meant just that. That included himself and all the officer on deck loading milk and eggs on the boat. We worked as a team and played as a team. He always said" Work hard and play hard, just dont play so hard that you have to see me on Monday."

Far as the MSC, I don’t know how it broken once I’ve never worked for them. I know sailors will complain about anything, even have steak 3 times a week. I’m sure the Union will get under his skin some. He’s the type of person that likes to be in charge if he is in charge if you know what I mean. If he is gonna be held responsible and accountable then he whats to do things his way.

seems more than a rumour …

Any input from the folks from MSC on how T.K. is running it now. Been a year and was wondering if things have changed for the better or for the worse.

Any input?

Do you hate the guy that much?

Are you so tickled pink you are speechless or what?