Curious to find information about MSC

Hello I am a mariner and just wandering if I could get some information about Military Sealift Command. I have heard about them and what they do from there internet site but not what there like to work for. Thanks for all the information.:confused:


suggest you expend some time “searching” this site"…there a numerous threads and posts on here regarding MSC…then tell the members something about yourself and ask your questions.

I know there are a lot of subforums and they can be difficult to find but there is one for MSC. Just click the link below:

Military Sealift Command

thanks for the info still new to doing things on the internet I am a tankerman since 05 on the inland rivers I have gotten my A/B stcw and lifeboatman wanting to work offshore hoping by me getting those license it would help me out but market is really down. So i called msc the recuiter told me they would not need any A/Bs any time soon.