Whats the deal with Military Sealift Command. Sounds like a good way to score seatime. Thoughts?

[QUOTE=“matthewfarrar19;116159”]Whats the deal with Military Sealift Command. Sounds like a good way to score seatime. Thoughts?[/QUOTE]

I’ll start by answering your question; yes it is a good way to get sea time.

Now some advice…There is a TON of great info on MSC on gCaptain. Search within gCaptain and use Google (gCaptain threads will come up). You could spend days reading about MSC on gCaptain.

Then after you do that ask some specific questions, tell about your background (ie do you have a mariner credential, do you have any sea time, etc.) Do this and then people will take the time to give you some great info.

Good job security if you can put up with it. I’ve been with MSC for a year as a 3AE. If you go in as an RET (Radio Electronics Technician), you’ll be sitting in the pool for a long time drawing your base salary. If you’re a 3AE, you will hardly spend any time in the pool. The MSC administration is a bureaucracy, so if you apply, and if you decide to work there, don’t be surprised when it takes them awhile to process your application or anything else. And when you get on a ship, you’ll have to put up with whatever stupid regs they come up with to justify their jobs back in the office (though you probably won’t see that unless you’re licensed). I’m on my second ship with MSC, and so far it isn’t bad as an engineer. I wouldn’t be able to say how it is as an AB or anything. I have seen some ABs and SUs (Steward Utility) that treat MSC as a glorified welfare program. Please don’t do that, unless you consider yourself trash and barely worth the air you breathe.

If you lack social skills, a life, and just fun in general MSC is for you. Their are a lot easier ways to get a lot of sea time in a year besides MSC like 12 hour days in the gulf.

Thats what i do know

Seems like an awful lo f sitting around and wating just to get hired.