Required Classes

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After sailing on MSC ships as a Navy CPO, I am now looking at coming back to MSC as a CONMAR/CIVMAR. Looking at some of the school houses, they all provide different variants of classes for MSC. I have attained my AB unlimited, RFPNW, BST, Lifeboat and VPDSD courses. Going into the union as a entry book “newbie”, what classes should I take to make myself competitive to get on a MSC ship? CONMAR as CIVMAR positions aren’t open right now. Any input is appreciated.

MSC hasn’t hired an AB for quite a long time. Instead they have been promoting from their OS pool. But they are short AB’s, I have been waiting for a relief for over a month and it will be at least two more weeks before one comes. Try calling the AB job placement specialists, the pool, MSFSC. ANY one of them might give you the information you are looking for.

I have contact info for one of their recruiters

I am heading to the airport later and I’ll post it then.

Here’s his info

Rob Gans
for Military Sealift Fleet Support Command (MSFSC - N14)
Cell: 513-515-3245
Office: 888-282-1493