Best career route in Military Sealift Command

Greetings, I have 6 months experience as a Deckhand. I currently work for another company, but I am considering going to MSC. I have a Mmc, twic, and passport. I would like to know the best entry route to pursue and career options I should aim for. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

There are several threads on this forum on this very subject, one of which is current. It is best you research those first.

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Do you mean AB or OS?

I would get an OS. Even though I have sometime and experience.

Just apply for an entry level OS job, if you put the effort in, you should be sailing mate within 10 years

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MSC always needs OS/Wipers/Steward Utilities. Just be prepared that the federal hiring process is long and slow compared to the commercial side.

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Thanks, so would mate be better in MSC?

I heard that it is slow, hopefully I accrue more sea time.

Oh you’ll get plenty of sea time.


Takes months before they call you and then months before a board convenes.


Takes 20min hold to reach Civmar support now and I’m getting mixed messages from Civmar support and the recruiter with respect to application processing times.

There’s rumor that NEO is stalled until further notice which means the pipeline for applications grinds to a halt.

Career Fairs have been cancelled until end of March and possibly into April as well which helps the current pool of candidates go through or not.

Ask specific questions about the NEO, Application Processing, Employment Division for Rating, and etc when you call Civmar Support. I’m sure when I call back the next time the same set of questions will get a different set of answers.

UPDATE: It’s just Justin over at CIVMAR Support these days. Same rhetoric as 18MAR20. All is well, business as usual.

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well, engineering of course!