Military Sealift Command Questions

Got offered a job as a wiper with military sealift command, applied for an entry level position months ago and kinda forgot about it. For anyone who has worked for them before, I was wondering if its possible to transfer to being an ordinary seaman eventually or are you pretty much locked into a department once there? I would rather try to get qualified for being an AB eventually through the advancement program though I’ve heard its difficult to even qualify for that.

Not that familiar with the deck programs at MSC, but if you have the time to sit for AB, not that difficult to take the test on your own. If it doesn’t pan out with MSC moving upward, you have the ticket to shop yourself elsewhere. Was a good feeling when I got my AB ticket, opened the door for better jobs and pay. Good luck sir

Last report I saw showed about 150 extra OS’s on the books. Almost the same for wipers. I had an OS wanting to become a wiper but was refused by the office due to the abundance of wipers waiting for a ship. These 2 positions are the ONLY ones fully staffed, thus getting relieved on time.

Ask them if you can get hired on as an OS instead. Explain to them your career goals. Getting AB is straight forward then. Sea time and some training. Then, if they say yes, good luck actually getting a ship to work on.

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