Possible MSC employment in the future

Good evening, all. First I have no real working aboard a ship experience . My question first: would someone with no experience as an ordinary seaman be even allowed into the MSC’s Ordinary Seaman Apprentice Program or – if even hired for employment (despite all the current openings posted at the MSC website)-- only allowed to be a supply utility man?

I understand the replacement rotation situation at MSC currently is a major reason people quit after their first4 month(9month really from what I understand).

The people hiring at MSC don’t bother to ask what you want to do, deck (OS), engine (wiper), or supply (SU). People get assigned at random. Once hired, you can ask to switch, but good luck.

Thank you,samat3. Does this mean that I wld be just as well off to apply at entry level, since I have no real seagoing experience, as at the Ordinary Seaman Apprentice Program?

Try for the OS program, you never know. You might get lucky.

Hire on as entry level, hopefully you get OS. If you don’t not a huge deal, be sure to express your interest to switch to Deck Dept to the Chief Mate and they can work to make it happen. SU, OS, or Wiper, you’ll be making $70,000+ a year easy.

Thank you, both, samat3, and UnRepKing.

Thank you, both, samat3 and UnRepKing