Job prospects

Thinking about changing careers. Want a little excitement. What’s the job prospects out there for entry level OS or wiper? Thanks.

OS/Wiper without any exp. is a tough nut to crack right now.

You have any contacts in the industry? Sometimes the only way in the door is if you are invited…

When you do find a spot go above and beyond. Dont let anyone else dictate your work through their poor example, I see alot of that.

Not sure how much “excitement” there is in entry-level jobs:

As as a new mariner on-board a ship you will do the lowest jobs there are like:

Ordinary Seaman (deckhand): chipping rust, painting, cleaning toilets, assisting the AB’s, handle lines, and maybe you’ll be allowed to hang out on the bridge when you aren’t working.

Wiper: In the engine room you will still chip and paint, but also wipe up and clean oil leaks, change out filters, help the engineers with any projects and sweep and mop all the time as well as clean the toilet.

Steward Assistant: Entry level in the galley will sweep, mop, cut and dice veggies, wash linens, make beds and (of course) clean toilets.

Pretty much the entry level jobs suck. You will have to do your time and pay your dues so to speak and then with more sea-time you can sit for Coast Guard exams for AB or QMED.

You will need 360 8 hour days to be able to take the exam or take a class to be an AB. It’s 180 days for QMED. You will also need to qualify under STCW-95 as a RFPNW or RFPEW.

I also have to agree with the whole work ethic thing. I have seen far-too many guys that were new, got on-board and wanted to be captain, but they weren’t willing to even do the job of an OS with pride. Yep, you can paint like it really means something or just slop some paint on there so it looks like s**t. Same goes for the head. I got no prob putting on a pair of gloves and scrubbing the toilet, sink, floor etc. You can bet the old hands and the old man will notice will fast if you do a good job or a half@$$ one.

If you can cook (and on many of these smaller non-union vessels there is no cook) that is a huge plus.

Learn all that you can and keep your opinions to yourself. Even a mild disagreement over something that’s stupid can be enough to get on the wrong side of some old salt. Not a good career move.

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I remember getting new guys onboard either as OS or even as one of my assistants and hearing something to the effect of "Man, you and the Captain have got it easy. . . . ". Not a good way to endear yourself onboard.