I’m looking for job entry-level has a wiper I have all the documents and credential please someone help me. I’m in the East Coast United States

Crowley jacksonville florida has a entry level program

I did apply. They had called me already, but that’s for Georgia and they want somebody to live two hour radius.

noaa prob has a opening somewhere?

Thank you I’ll check it out.

so you have opted not to move to where you can be well trained with good probability for advancement get wealth of experience and great benefits just so you can sleep in your own bed.?? guess I am just too old to know how the young mind works today.
NOAA will get you nowhere

Me I’m willing to work any where I find the opportunity. I can’t find the NOAA job application.

NOAA has no job for wiper at this time.

Moving is prohibitively expensive for most people. Also from firsthand experience Crowley is not an opportunity in any way shape or form.

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guess they were different on the west coast they treated me well exposed me to alot of great experiences and paid me well

There is generally no need to move for a seagoing job.

Virtually everyone is hiring. Don’t expect to start with the best company. Just get started somewhere.

You only need 120 (12 hour) days to qualify for AB or 180 for QMED (less with a short course).

Okay. Quick question if you work as a deckhand can you still apply for the QMED endorsement ?

Can you apply? Anyone can apply for anything. Will you get it? Probably not. You need time as or equal to Wiper, see 46 CFR 12.503(a). That usually means time in the engineroom. If you are a deck-engine utility or “deckineer” you can use the prorated time you spent doing engine work but not the time on deck, which is probably the majority of the time. Your sea service letter would need to indicate how your time was spent between the deck and engine departments.

Ok. Thank you I appreciate. I understand.