Working in NE Florida

I’ve been a long time lurker of the forum and decided to finally join. I’ve always had an interest in machinery and engines growing up. Long story short tried to join the Navy, discharged for asthma which was later found not to be true by outside doctors. Unfortunately, medical separations for any reason aren’t being accepted. I got into fixing cars and boats and found inboards to be something I really like doing. I don’t have the money to attend a large school and personally I would like to Hawespipe anyway.

I live a near the river here in Jacksonville which leads to our two large ports. A lot of mariners I know have told me this is the time to get into the industry around here. We have a variety of jobs from container ships, tugs, MSC, to shrimpers. It seems good but I want to know if this is a good area to at least get my foot in the door or should I look at other parts of the country?

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Moran, McAllister, Crowley, smith maritime, Moby Marine are all based in Jaxs. Start by going to Moran & Mac first. Crowley will tell you to join the union or some crap.

I’ve seen a lot of Moran, McAllister, and Crowley here. I see the requirement for the union for Crowley. I do not see anything about becoming a wiper. Is there a way of using OS seatime to use toward QMED? I keep being told to be an engineer, start as a wiper.

Put yourself together a resume, and go see the people that run Tugboats. At a minimum you are going to need a TWIC Card and an MMC as an OS. You will have to start as a deckhand-trainee. When they learn that you are reliable and a self starter, then maybe they will help you start moving toward the engine room. You should also tell the Chief on any boat you work on that you want to be helpful, and want to learn about the engineering side of things. Ask before bouncing down into any Chief’s Engine Room. And keep asking until he tells you that its not necessary.

If it’s something you want to do, you need to get a twic and mmc before you even bother talking to companies. You’ll be permanently disqualified in my opinion by anyone you talk to if you don’t have those documents ready to go at the moment you talk to them.

Well good thing I haven’t talked to anyone outside of the Ferry. I do currently have a TWIC card (only took a week which is sweet.) I’m in the process of the physical, drug test,and passport.

I have taken some free boating classes just to learn some basics about boating such as safety, seamanship, and communications. Are there any good or required classes I should sign up for to get me more experience?

Try to get a gig for now with a fishing charter boat over there. This is Florida, they are everywhere and right now is kicking off the season. It’ll give you sea time at least plus cash and experience