Help me please?!

Hello everyone my name is Robbie. A friend of mine recently referred me to the SIU unlicensed apprentice program and I’ve been really excited about becoming a merchant marine! He lives the travelling and pay so of course I would love both to help my family. So I’m doing research on the program and see that its 7 months of makin a stipend of $25 a week. I am the bread winner and sole provider to my wife and 8 month old so I cannot do this program. I believe among the pros yall call them hawespipers? How the heck can I get into this trade without missing out on pay. I am a experienced EMT of 3 years on a private ambulance in Florida and certified state of Florida fire fighter 1 and 2. And hazmat certified. I know I could carry all my experience with me into this field and it would benefit, but I have absolutely no idea who to contact outside of the SIU program.

Hello duvalsalt. If you are still currently employed, stay that way. Find a local school where you can receive the training required to get your MMC, get your TWIC and then find a job in this industry. It may take a while, but you can get certified and still provide for your family in the mean time. There are several schools in Jax, I went to Bluewater. The instructors are very experienced and willing to share that knowledge. Read all you can throughout this forum so that you can have a better idea what it is your getting into. I say that just from comparing what they say at the school vs what I read here, since I am a recent graduate still awaiting my first hitch. Remember the purpose of the school is to make money and although they will tell it like it is, they won’t turn you away. You can do both, train for this and continue to work, until you get your first mariner job. That’s what I’ve had to do, too.
Good Luck.

Hey duvalsalt, with a background like that, maybe try applying to some of the GOM drilling companies as a Rig Safety and Training Coordinator (RSTC).

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Wrench (putnamsalt)

Thanks for the advice guys! I’m still excited to learn the trade but might take me a minute longer to get certified then originally planned. And for the medic side of it do yall know any companies or who yall would recommend to contact. I’m only a emt basic not paramedic so that might hinder some of the process too. Either way I’ve got my mind that I want to do this so I won’t stop trying. Can you get the MMC from the USCG without going to a school?

[QUOTE=duvalsalt;109531]Can you get the MMC from the USCG without going to a school?[/QUOTE]


The National Maritime Center has all the answers. Check out the NMC Wizzard Guide in the middle of the page:

Good luck to you.

You need to take that experience to an offshore drilling company. Those guys man a fortune. You can get the safe gulf and Twic for under $1200. You’d not be traveling alot unless you get an overseas position.