Any information would help

Sorry if this sounds like a tangent but I can really use some opinions from people who are experienced in industry to point me in the right direction.

I’m starting my SIU apprenticeship in the engine department 12/14/2023. I’m really excited to start but I was really banking on the apprenticeship classes to start sooner seeing as that my living situation in Florida will be ending 7/1/2023. My plan was to fly from Florida to Piney Point before the lease ends because I know that SIU would cover my food and living situation but now I know that’s not a reality. I really don’t have a family to lean on or friends I can call to crash on their couch (married with kids) so I’m kinda scrambling at the moment to figure what I’m going to do.

After some research on message boards I’m seeing that boats in the Great Lakes and Gulf of Mexico are hiring for entry level positions and I was wondering if it would make sense to pick up a contract or 2 just to hold me over until I start my apprenticeship and if so what companies are hiring so I can go and apply asap.I currently have my MMC,Passport, TWIC, and med certificate.

Sorry for the long read I just need point in the right direction…Thanks for listening.

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