Future mariner

hey all…
first time poster here…
i have some questions if anyone can help. i’m working on becoming a mariner starting out as an OS. i hear SIU is a big pain in the ass but looks like i really have no other choice. i’m heading to ft. lauderdale in february where i’m gonna take the bst then go to the hall… i don’t have tons of money to just up and leave for two months to sit in a hall and wait. so it’s going to be a real gamble. especially since i live in ohio. i guess what i want to say is… is this a lost cause? if i go to the hall… im going to have to come back to ohio. i’d hate to blow thousands in travel for something that i can’t even continue to keep going to… it’s not that i wouldn’t give my left nut for this but circumstances are harsh.

and i was also wondering if there was a list of classes in a particular order that i need to take in order to advance? i plan on investing as much as i can into qualifications and schooling as i can. i’ve read so much stuff on here, it’s almost too much to take in as a total noob. lots of it doesn’t make sense.

i was a 3rd class bosn in the navy and mostly worked the deck on container ships… but this is just a whole other world to me. i don’t mind starting from scratch but was just wondering if there were any pointers or advice anyone can give. i’d definitely appreciate it… i know this topic is way overdone but yeah… thanks anyways.

Read up on the thread “Navt vet looking to join”. Out is about an engineer from the navy but still had a lot of information you need to know about your prior service.

You might also check with the supply boat companies operating in the gulf of mexico. With the economy slowly improving , many companies are looking to hire. If you havn’t been out too long and can get a security clearance, you might check with Hornbeck Offshore in Covington LA. You will need to get your OS and STCW basic training before most companies will look at you. Companies in the Gulf Of Mexico are non union. good luck!