Anyone know of any companies that hire part time?

Anyone know of any tug or OSV companies that hire part-time deckhands or tankerman? Trying to find somewhere to get 90 days of recency to upgrade my lil’ wheelhouse license.

NOAA is always hiring entry level. I had to do 180 days as a wiper to get my RFPEW signed off and they were the only place hiring. I enjoyed my time there, and would go back if they paid halfway decently.

I’d think that your best bet would the same company where you are already working as an engineer. Most companies should like the idea of having cross-trained and cross-licensed staff. Also, you may be able to use some engineer seatime towards a deck license (but I’m not sure if that counts toward recency).

I agree with you that it looks better having dual licensed employees, especially for vettings and audits. Unfortunately my company doesn’t see it that way, thus the reason I put this on the post.

I am thinking the same thing, I have a mates license and am thinging of getting a wiper job and then qmed. . good luck

When I renewed my 100/200 3 years ago, I used time on my sport fishing boat. The time must be on vessels over 20 ft.