Tugboat jobs?

<span class="postbody]I’ve been working aboard OSV in the Gulf for the past two years and currently find myself unemployed. I’m interested in finding work on a tug (preferably out of the NW) but I have little experience (9mo.) on tugs. I hold a 500 ton Ocean Masters license and have experience on a variety of vessels, though I realize this in no way qualifies me for the wheelhouse of a tug. My question is this: Are there companies that are actively hiring licensed mariners with the specific intention of getting them the training they will need to operate a tug? I realize this is a sensitive subject within the tugboat community–and I’m not looking to bypass the years of experience a tugboat master needs–I’m just looking for credit for the experience I already have (inflammatory stuff I know). I’ve heard some companies are offering what they call a “Fast Track” program that takes advantage of the new license schemes available. Does anyone have a lead on a company that is not only looking to get new mates in the wheelhouse but also willing to give them the time and experience they need?</span>

I don’t know if you’ll have much luck without the MOTV but try Dunlap Towing in LaConner.
Their website shows they have mate’s jobs available.
Btw, isn’t there something called “apprentice mate” now which allows you to sail in the wheelhouse while you get the TOAR completed?
Good luck to you and tell us what you find…


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K-Sea Transportation bought out a couple of smaller companies in Seattle. (Sirius Maritime and Sea Coast Towing) At one time both were exceptional companies to work for. The guys I still keep in touch with say they are going thru a transitional period. Anyways, they tow clean fuel barges. You could most likely get on as a Deckhand/Tankerman Trainee and if you put the effort in, sail as tankerman within a few months. This pays high 300-low 400 a day. That would make the year as apprentice easier finacially. The license would get you in the door and you could work with the W/H guys on the boat to get the TOAR signed off. Don’t ask me anything about the structure of the deck licenses. I have a hard enough time with engineering. Lisa Garcia is the HR rep but you need to talk with Clark Jennison. They’re in the book. GL

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Jennison. Very good guy. Also get in touch with Scott Manley at Harley. They’ll take you on as deck/tankerman and you can get your TOAR completed. Rainier Fuel has a small tug they occasionally hire for. A friend got his start towing with them.

Thanks C_A, he was sailing mate on a different boat when I left. So now you know people that I know. You know this is a small community. It is only a matter of time til I put a face to the hand that types the word.

Seattle, if you can’t find anything in the PNW, Crosby Tugs is hiring in Galliano. They just bought 8 more tugs in the last two months. Call Spence or Karen Guidry at 985 632-7575.

Thanks for the responses Cheng and Capt. A. I’ll follow up and let you know what I find. Any other leads out there?

Check out http://tugboatlife.com

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This is kinda an ironic subject, seeing how I just ran into the same thing on Wed at a local Job Fair in Va Beach, Va. I talked with several tug companies (4 or 5 I think) about coming into work for them w/o a Towing Endorsement but holding a license (and deck time on tugs). I worked 3 years on Harbor Tugs before I got my license, then went deep sea, now holding a 1600T Oceans & 2nd Mate, I openly admited and asked about getting the wheelhouse training time before working on the boat as a Licensed Operator, (I dont “expect” anything just cause I hold the paper, but I didnt really like the way some of the companies took a hard line attitude that they would ONLY accept me working for them as a AB/Deckhand) They acted like they were doing me a favor by bringing me on or offering me a job?? Some companies were much more encouraging than others, it seems that some actually want licensed guys to come in under the “training mate” title, others just want you to come in with your license and hold you in standby till THEY need ya…IMO thats not very supportive of guys that actaully WANT to work well for the company, learn and advance.
Good Luck in your search…(economics are too iffy for me to make any changes right now, so Im staying put…but a steady rotation and being home more often would sure be nice right about now!!!)

Seattle, I have some info that I think you can use…I would put it up but it’s part of another letter and I don’t have permission…


I’ve had some friends that have worked for FOSS over on the West Coast, you can look them up.

Salinity Now,
PM me, i wanna pick your brain. I missed the job fair. Planted on my butt up at the coal piers, across from Davis Boat, or the crane ships and LMSR’s.


Yeah Rat, Im trying to find the PM link on the forum, but Im not having any luck. Where is it?? Be glad to talk with ya, infact Im back at MAMA this week (taking my last CM/ Master class)


Hey guys I found that if you go to www.columbiarivermariner.com you can see alot of the towing companys and get straight to the web site. if that does not work then try the site www.indeed.com good luck

Hey guys I found that if you go to www.columbiarivermariner.com you can see alot of the towing companys and get straight to the web site. if that does not work then try the site www.indeed.com good luck

Someone mentioned a job fair in Virginia Beach. Where did you find out about this? I live in Richmond and would really like to get face to face with some of the Tug companies in the state.

Mike, they had the job fair at a local maritime training school in Norfolk/Va Beach. Not sure if it was “advertised” I just happend to be attending some classes there when they had it, you can give them a call i imagen to see if any or upcoming.

Google Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy

There is a job fair in Jacksonville, FL the 18th of this month and I know that MAMA and several maritime companies will be there. There is a thread on the jobs board on this site.

Well mariners, it seems that the economy is putting a hurt on us, I am also searching for a job but no luck so far, hopefully we will be able to ride the storm a little longer! Let’s see what the (new men) is going to do for us there in congress.

Best of luck to everyone here.