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<HR style=“BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1d1e1; COLOR: #d1d1e1” SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Hi to everyone,i need Help in getting a job i’m 19 years old i have ,MMC [B]Ordinary[/B] [B]Seaman[/B] (Wiper),Twic Card,i already applied in companies but they dont seem to be looking for [B]Ordinary[/B] Seamans i am willing to Work in any company Tugboats,Offshore any company,i applied in Eddison chouest Offshore,Kirby Inland,Hornbeck i Just want to gain some experience to Upgrade to Able Body [B]Seaman[/B] any help will be appreciated my Email is Thanks.:slight_smile:

As Anchorman stated on your other post,you are gonna have to knock on doors…If you present your self right there are some companies that will make a spot for the right person…Not impossible and far from easy…

Welcome aboard Mark- good to have you.:slight_smile:

1st of all- be careful putting your email up the way you did. I made that mistake and am still getting spam.You might want to edit your post so it reads- my name at website dot com.

secondly- you have a good start having your credentials. Keep applying everywhere you can find- in person and online.

But- you may have to change your expectations. Look on the forum here- lots of people are out of work. It’s tough for captains and mates- it’s even tougher for entry level people. Why- because you are applying for the same jobs that out of work captains, mates and ABs are.

You will likely have to accept a job that’s less than ideal- and that requires travel.

And- you may have to work as a utility, or a dishwasher…

Check out small fishing boats, small cruise ships etc. Specifically- Cruisewest, American cruise lines, ACCL, NCLA (large cruise ships) , various small “day cruise” companies, Omega Protein, etc. The ONLY tug company I’ve seen down South that hires consistently right now is American Commercial Lines- have you tried them?

Even if you apply like crazy- it may take a while.

I probably averaged several hundred inquiries/applications- for one reply.

Use this to to improve yourself- study for your AB- knots, rules of the of the road, etc.

And be persistent.
Good luck from another OS-Anthony

Thanks OrdinarySeaman. I know i probly wont get OS and im ok with starting out in dishwashing. I just want to get some work on a ship so i can get sea time and get to AB.
Thanks for youre help. its very much appreciated

email your resume to-

shipboardrecruiting at ncl dot com

hr at cruisewest dot com

and check with Pam Follett at Pacific Seafoods- they have an ad for galley utility on the Seattle Craigslist (it’s on here too- just read back through the “job leads thread”)

I’ve also seen lots of ads for galley hand on oil rigs in the gulf- look ion craigslist in Houston and New Orleans.

Lastly- the Alaska State Ferries may have an opening- google AMHS steward…

Make sure you mention your credentials

Good luck!