Ab jobs anyone

pls can anyone tell me companies that hirin or looking for abs? i’ve been doing the onlin application for a while no luck

Newsailor, I will offer you some words of advice which I am sure will come across as criticism, but please bear with me. There are quite a few Engineers, Captains, Mates, and AB’s who frequent this forum, many of whom may very well be the first ones to know of potential job openings on specific vessels. I also know for a fact that there are some hiring managers who poke their heads in here from time to time.

Even for an AB, OS or Wiper position, you want your posts to be professional, with proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar. It would also be helpful to include some more specific information. Something like: “AB unlimited with lifeboatman, fast rescue boat operator, medical PIC, and RFPNW with lots of experience on tugs and OSV’s seeking full time position on just about anything, located SE USA, but willing to work anywhere.” would be much more likely to get a response than what you posted.

I realize English might not be your first language, maybe you are brand new to the internet or are typing on a phone with teeny tiny keys and screen. A post with multiple typos/errors, containing almost no information is unlikely to get you any help though, so take your time, have someone proofread it for you, and you will be MUCH more likely to get a favorable response. Many of the members here are “in the same boat” but everyone I have met on this forum has been pretty helpful so far. Don’t get discouraged, being in the right place at the right time seems to have as much to do with getting a job as anything, networking with other sailors on this forum certainly can’t hurt though. Feel free to PM me if you’d like any help.