AB needing some advice please

Hey guys I am new here and to the industry.I love the advice you give others and I thought I might try to solicit your help. I am a AB with my STCW 95 endorsed with lifeboatman PSC . I also have my twic card. I broke into the industry on a lift boat a year ago .I feel extremely lucky to have been given a chance to prove myself and advance.Now I forsee this boat ride to be ending shortly.The industry is slowly moving oversees and hiring foreign workers ,that will leave everyone in a panic soon.I want to beat the rush.My question is what area of the maritime industry seems somewhat stable and what must I do to get there? Also are you aware of any company actively hiring AB’s, They all except apps ,but hiring is a different story. Thanks in advance,I really enjoy this forum.

Most companies hire in response to sudden needs. Generally hiring is reactive rather than proactive. Your best bet is to develop a good relationship with the people with hiring power at companies you’re interested in working for. This takes time and effort on your part, but if your name is the first one they think of when they all of a sudden need a hand, your efforts are rewarded. This trumps a pile of applications every time. The best strategy is to appear in person, but if that can’t be done then letters, faxes, emails, etc are all good to. Be persistent. The squeaky wheel concept is alive and well in this industry, as is the absolute necessity for building a network of contacts, and keeping that network going. Wherever you work, never burn a bridge. You’d be amaxzed at how small this industry really is and you may need to go back to a company years down the road. Memories are long, and your reputation is everything.

Jackedup, Love the screen name by the way. Heed the above advice of C_A. He is a wise and salty dog. Your appearance in this forum is a good way to start. Many many years of experience to reflect on are present and willing to aide you if possible.
The best advice I can give you may not help you now but will lay the groundwork for a solid future. Earn the respect of the men you now sail with and in time you will be able to call up old shipmates who work where you want in and, will get you in the door. Other than the first job I took, any time I applied at a company I had the job before I filled out the application. The majority of the guys here on this site could likely make one call and get the powers that be to take a good look at a perspective new hire’s application. That with a strong recommendation of “I sailed with this guy and he is a great worker” is usually enough.
Your reputation is all you have out here. Work your ass off to protect it.
Good luck

Thank you very much for the advice guys .I live in Louisiana and I will make a effort to get some face time with recruiters. One thing I feel I have against me is that I am not from here.I have learned its who you know that makes a difference,its just that I don’t know anyone : ) ,I was totally lucky to have met the right people who didn’t know me from Adam and had nothing to gain by hiring me. In these tough times I feel lucky to have a job.My heart goes out to fellow seaman that cant get work because I know that easily could be me. I am just a little uneasy about the jack up industry, and am looking to explore my options.Thanks again for your advice gentlemen.

I am from Lake Charles, look to the offshore towing side of the industry. My boss would be interested in you. PM me with how to contact you.
good luck

Hey Cajuntugster,
Thanks for looking out. Is there allot of stability in the offshore towing industry? I would definitely jump at the opportunity to upgrade my skills.I wanna be as versatile as possible.My email is jackedup75@gmail.com ,look forward to hearing from you, and thank you again .

Yes the offshoretowing industry is alive and well. You wont see a lot of wheelwash behind those rigs.

He said “stability”. Uh huh huh huh uh…