Another guy that can't get a job!

Hey guys. I’m new to the forum and have read most of the comments on here about job hunting, and it makes me feel a little better seeing that I’m not the only mariner out there having a hard time, but if you don’t mind I’d like to vent a little bit because it seems this is the only place I"ll get sympathy!<br><br>I currently am running a crewboat on the west coast, and most of my experience is running crewboats/utility boats out here to platforms and ships. I also have some time as an ab on tugs in new york, and an unlicensed engineer on tractor tugs over here.<br><br>But anyway, I am at a point in my life/career I need to make better money and want a company that has a future, a place to settle down at. So from acquaintances I’ve met in the past and from what I"ve picked up on on the internet it seems like the future of our industry is in the gulf and I"ve been trying there. I’ve also attempted to push my ab and try tugs in other parts of the country too. <br><br>If you’re wondering why I don’t get on tugs on the west coast, the answer is damn near all of that is locked up by unions out here, and I have already paid my dues working on call and going the slow road gaining senority, etc etc<br><br>So for the last 4 months I"ve been making a lot of phone calls, filling out applications, and refilling out appilications, and it’s been really discouraging. Most of the time I can’t get any feedback. <br><br>It’s hard for me to understand why a company has ads out that they’re hiring and then when I contact them I get blown off. Maybe some past employers I put on my applications are bad mouthing me hahaha.<br><br>So anyway guys thanks for reading my venting here, and I would appreciate any words of wisdom from any and all…thanks!

Persistence is the key. It took me about 4 months to get my job in the gulf. It’s all about timing, having your paperwork in their face at the moment they need someone it seems. Once your app is filed it’s over unless they hear from you again when they need someone.<br>Doc

Thanks doc appreciate that.<br><br>I am trying to remain persistant almost to the point of harassment! hahaha<br><br>so do you like it out there? Was it worth the four months of keeping at it?

Acuesta,<br> Yeah, I’m enjoying it now with no complaints. Although it was a very rough start. Didn’t care much for the way things were going on my first boat, and that was my impression of the whole company. However once I changed to my permanent boat things got a lot better. Still a lot of things that could be changed for the better, but that’s with any job. <br>Doc

Acuesta, after just going threw all of this all I can say is persistance! I tryed for 3 months to get a job in the gulf. Finaly I had to make a trip down there, went to all of the places that I could find and still didnt have a job. On my last day down there I went back to Chouest for a second time and asked to speak to the man that I talked to the first time. I got in his office and just about begged him for anything, a deckhand job, I told him that all I wanted to do was get a start and that I didnt mind working my a$$ off and would start at the bottom and work my way up. Well he asked me to hold on and walked out and was gone a few min. and came back with the VP of Operations. After talking to them for awhile and telling the VP the same thing I told the recruiter ,the VP made a few phone calls and told me that they would start me out as the mate on the Fast Tender training me. So all I can say is next time you get some off time take a trip, have everything in order licenses etc., a good resume I think helps, dressed nicely, I didnt wear a coat and tie but I did wear a pair of nice kakhis with a collared shirt, be well spoken, learn some facts about the companys that you are going to, boat names and such. I mean truthfully you have more experience than I do if you have been running crew boats. I have worked on big commercial fishing boats as deckhand, mate then pilot,and tugs a bit as a deckhand and unlicensed engineer ,but never in the oil field or a crew boat. Good Luck and dont give up!

Thanks to all for your comments.<br><br>I guess I’ll just stay positive and keep at it. I wish I could just show up down there and hit some places in person, but I’m in california and have a family to support so that isn’t very practical.<br><br>A good friend of mine just got hired at ECO a couple months ago and he has nothing but positive things to say about working there. He has his eye on going to work in Brazil. Good Luck Splash!<br><br>Also prior to joining this forum when I was reading the discussions I saw the headhunter link and already attempted contact with them. Coindidentally enough I"ve been reading Capt Kelly’s articles in professional mariner for a while.<br><br>Thanks Again!<br>

<P>Acuesta, I understand the family thing, but I think it would pay for itself if you took the trip! Just my thoughts, but yeah keep at it and maybe things will work out or you! Best of Luck!</P>

Acuesta7720,<br><br>If you’ve been reading any of my posts you’ll find I’m a straight shooter and I don’t suffer fools lightly. Indulge my less than warm and fuzzy observation, if you will.<br><br>It amazes me that you have started a discussion with the title <strong>“Another guy that can’t get a job!”</strong>, and then promptly, in writing, thrown up self-imposed barriers and excuses for why you’re not able to find that job. You’ll blame the unions, the cost of travel, etc. Why bother asking for help if you’re going to talk us all out of it at the same time? Our newly employed poster child for hard work and initiative, Splash, should be an inspiration to anyone coming to gCaptain looking for answers. I’d sail with him any day. You, I’m not so sure of.<br><br>Search my posts. I’ve provided to guys like you a wealth of information and even company names and contact names to go after. But no, I guess the unions have it all locked up. What crap.<br><br>This industry is one of only a few in this economy where there are real opportunities, but no one is going to hand them to you. You have to work your ass off to get in as entry level, but that investment in time and effort shows the employers that you’re serious about wanting to work for them. <br><br>Let us know when you’ve had an attitude adjustment. Study Splash’s posts and the responses he got from us here. Make his mindset yours and you’ll be just fine.<br><br>Love and kisses,<br><br>CA

<P>I appreciate your opinion Capt.<br><br>I’m not saying I’m not willing to go entry level. I’ve been doing it on and off all my career. If an opportunity arises again where I need to I will. Gladly.</P>
<P>I have also at different times been a member of the SIU, MEBA, and the IBU. I’m not going to bother telling my experiences with these unions but in my opinion it didn’t work out for me. Now in the grand scheme of things I know I’m not as experienced or worldly as some of this board’s members. However I’m not new blood to the industry either.<br></P>
<P>I have read most of the comments such as leads and point of contacts. And believe it or not I have in the past attempted correspondence with all of them. For the past four months I’ve been hitting this in all my spare time and then some. But trying hard is all relative. What I think is trying hard is not necessarily hard to the next guy.</P>
<P>I was merely venting my frustration. I apologize if it offended you.</P>

I wasn’t offended, merely puzzled, and so I spoke my mind. <br><br>As my good friend Capt. Fran says:<br>“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

OK well sorry I <span style="text-decoration: underline;]puzzled </span>you. Believe me if I had any inkling into seeing the response I would get to what I thought was harmless jargon I wouldn’t have bothered starting this forum, because setting you off was the furthest thing from my mind when I wrote it. And it’s obvious by the judgemental, know-it-all ridiculing you did to me, that I unknowingly struck a nerve. It was beyond unwarranted of a response and I am quite offended. I’ll get over it though and it doesn’t matter now. So let’s just all forget I “asked for help.” Once I become as well versed and knowledgeble as you I’ll try again.<br><br>Thanks for the support!

I’ll bet you’re a football fan? Let’s change the context and look at this from a metaphorical standpoint.<br><br>Let me set the stage here:<br>You’re a kid.<br>I’m the High School Football Coach.<br><br>You go to the coach (me) and beg him for a position on the team, and then tell him why you can’t play. “Please, Coach, how do I get on the team? Give me a shot! But I know I won’t make the team because my mommy is worried about me and the varsity boys don’t like me. They’ve got all the positions locked up and won’t let me prove myself. But tell me how to win a position on your team. Please!!”<br><br>I say “Gee kid, I don’t think you’ve got what it takes to play on this team, since it seems to me you’ve already talked yourself out of it. Change your tune. But until you do, go away.”<br><br>So now, aspiring football star, you have two choices:<br>1. You cry like a baby and tell the coach (me) that you’re offended and I am an asshole. Result: The coach (me) calls for a waaa-mbulance and you go join the cheerleading squad like George W. Bush did in college. But mostly you stand on the sidelines and mumble about that asshole coach who ruined your life. All the varsity boys make fun of you and wonder why you didn’t man up and try out. But your mommy is happy.<br><br>2. You examine your attitude and your motivation. You decide to heed the advice of the much more experienced coach (me), who is coaching because he’s a leader in his field and wants to pass along his knowledge and experience to the youngsters who try out for not just his team, but any team. Result: The coach watches and notices your new attitude and initiative, and you find that you might have a chance at trying out for the team. You may not make it, but you’ve given it your all and you can live with yourself as a result.<br><br>So be offended all you want, sir. <br><br>That’ll do it for me.<br><br>Your coach,<br><br>CA<br><br><br><br><br>“Those who can, do. Those who think that others can also, teach.”<br>---- John King, “Captive Notions”

Oh man…some of these posts are great. I love the bravery that the internet instills in people…

Man if you just took a ride from New Orleans to Homa on Hwy 90 you will find at least 10 billboards offering jobs. You must take action. Heck some of these companies do not even care if you have a z-card. Still one of the best jobs around is a assistant engineer at Bouchard.<div>Good luck</div>

<span style="text-decoration: underline;]Capt_Anonymous</span> said:<br>“Our newly employed poster child for hard work and initiative, Splash,
should be an inspiration to anyone coming to gCaptain looking for
answers. I’d sail with him any day.”<br><br>I don’t even know Splash and I want him on my boat. Splash kudos and congrats…<br><br><br>Capt_A, <br>Whats up with the football metaphors? Use the Mommy and little kid one. Can I call you Mommy?<br><br>acuesta, If you have the experience you mentioned in your original post and you can’t get on a boat in the gulf, you ain’t trying. <br><br><br>

Hell, I don’t know. I hate football so I figured he would be a fan. You can call me Mommy anytime, son.

Lets see:<br><br>Oil prices are down to $80 <br>Transportation stocks are down 20-30%<br>All the marine oilfield boat stocks are down 20-40%<br>The Katrina fix is pretty much over.<br><br>I can see why many companies are in a wait see mode.<br>Companies in other industiries prefer to work crews overtime than hire more new guys.<br><br>Comments?<br><br>Bob