AB job hunting

I currently have my 100t inland and, will have my AB(special), STCW, and life boatman(already finished) when I’m done with training at MPT mid next month. My question is what is the best way to put my self out there to get a job. I would preferably get a job on a OSV in the gulf, but I’m not really very picky as long as the pay is decent and I’m logging alot of sea time. My experience is mainly from working on and off as a mate on a research vessel, I almost have enough time to upgrade AB special to limited and my 100t inland to near coastal. My plan right now is to apply online to companies when I get my credentials back from the uscg, then go to the gulf and ask around the docks. Is this the right plan, any suggestions welcomed.


If you want to “put yourself out there” then you need to drive/fly to Lafourche parish Louisiana and go from company to company until someone shakes your hand and asks you to go take a physical. Bring all your documentation, build yourself a resume with the vessels you’ve worked on, the time and tonnage on said vessels and positions held. Be prepared to visit 6-8 places. Applying online is not an effective means of gaining employment. Good luck with your job hunt.

I would say apply to every company you can online but don’t wait around to long expecting the phone to ring. I know most people say it doesn’t work but it has worked for me. Then if after a week you don’t get any hits drive to LA. Some places like HOS require you to fill out an app online others like Harvey Gulf it will make your application process easier they will look it up and you won’t have to fill out a paper application. So their is a reason to fill out apps on line b4 driving to LA. Look up the locations of the companies make a list and plan out your driving. By the way you might want to learn to use the search function on here everything your getting from this has been said a hundred times b4.

I was in the same boat as you earlier this year, AB 100tn, STCW etc. What tgese guys say is true. The phone wi not ring unless you pound the pavement. If you go to Louisiana you better have some thick skin and love rejection. You need to be in the right place at the right time. It took me nearly 6months of straight looking, then I got a job with a great company, boat and crew. Do your company research first, fill out applications ahead of time, be prepared to piss, have plenty of copies of everything, remain positive and it will happen. Good luck!! (BTW expamd your search to coastal companies, towing, dredge etc the Gulf is not the only place hiring)

Thank all of you for you replies yall were very helpful.