Application black hole

Over the past year or so I have sent a ton of applications to various companies for various postions that I thought I would qualify for with little to no response. I’ve sent them online, and also hard copies, it didn’t seem to make much difference. Sometimes I’d get an email stating," thanks for your interest in XYZ company, we will keep your app on file…blah blah blah. So my question is, I’m planning a job hunting trip to south Louisiana in the fall, should I keep applying until then, or just wait and head down there? Does anyone ever actually get hired down there by sending an application in with such companies as Chouest, Tidewater, ect…? I wish I could get there sooner, but just can’t right now. BTW I’m just looking for a deckhand or OS type job to get my foot in the door. I could break away and fly down there if they wanted an interview, but unless it’s pretty serious, I just can’t get away for a while. I’m waiting on the NMC to get my AB Special to me, so maybe that will help, and no I don’t have RFPNW. Does that pretty much make my AB useless? Thanks guys.

[QUOTE=bell47;65425] Does that pretty much make my AB useless? Thanks guys.[/QUOTE]

Pretty much. You will be hired as an OS without RFPNW, but going in person is the way to go with boat companies, exact opposite with drilling companies.

I wouldn’t say useless. The fact that you have it gives you something to catch an eye on a resume and possible hired over just a fresh o/s. Will you work on it without RFPNW most likely not. But hey your going in the right direction brotha. Keep chippin at it.

It will help you get a job but you can’t be an AB.

Call chouest and bug nicky collins until he promises you a job (pending medical approval by their doctor). If you showed up next monday they would likely hire you if you have stcw basic safety training.

I do have BST. I’ll call Chouest later today. Thanks!

They have hired tons of OSs recently. If you show up monday morning, you will likely have a job.

Fall is not the best time to plan a road trip. That’s when things start to slow down, and jobs become a little bit harder to find. Spring and Summer are the times to look for a job if are able to pick when you are able to look.

There always seems to be a shakeup around the Holidays, Thanksgiving-New Years, when people jump companies because they can’t get the time off they (or their wives more likely) want.