It's really a shame

… that I am worried about losing my job if I start applying at other companies in Louisiana. I just got my AB-Special from the NMC, stuck it in my book, and have to begin what I hope to be my last hitch with my current company. My issue is that when I am applying, they ask if they can contact my current employer, and I have been saying “no”. The reasoning behind this is because if the company I work for catches wind of me trying to get on with another company, I have a feeling they will pull a big screw you first deal. I have this feeling because the last deckhand I knew that was with this company for years found employment somewhere else, and he offered to do an additional two weeks for his two-weeks notice, and the basically said “screw you” to this mariner. I guess it’s a bayou thing or something? Please enlighten me experienced mariners… am I going to be able to find another job without being screwed? Thanks, first post ever, sorry no substance, just kind of venting.

I am serching right now to, I have have been asking that the do not contact my present employer because of the same thing.

I dont like that either, if you are currently working they should not contact your employer. Its just problems and you can bet that any future training or opportunities in your current job is not going to happen for you.
You have a pissed off boss, and things are going to change if you stay.

The worst part is that the company you are applying to must think that you are a bad employee, or that you don’t know what you’re doing because you don’t want your office contacted in reference to your “character”. They just don’t understand that if employment isn’t extended after they’ve called your office, they have pretty much put the black spot on you with them until they either let you go, or you leave. But you’re right Orion, things won’t be the same afterwards.

I gave the company i worked for notice halfway through my hitch.

What’d they tell you Quimby?

Hit the send button prematurely. Anyway, I worked hard for these guys, learned as much as possible about the industry, and kept clean. Thought it would be awkward picking up my sea time letter, but the personnel manager told me that if it didn’t work out to give him a call. Good to leave on a positive note. I also didn’t want the new company contacting my previous employer, but only cause I was trying to keep it on the down low until I was ready to spill the beans.

Get your buddy to ring HR asking about you pretending to be a future employer and see what they say…