Looking for Seagoing Barge companies that push Bulk Chemicals and oils

I’m looking for Seagoing companies such as K-Sea,Bouchard, etc that need Exp Tankermen and that will hire you without an AB I’m ready to go back to Work Please help my fellow Mariners please leave some companies names and numbers and a little feedback on the companies that you leave Thanks

Call Bouchard buddy. I’m here now and they are looking for people. I’m not sure about the AB situation but it cant hurt to try. Call the office,(631) 390-4900 tell them your ready to work today. Goodluck

Captainbry how is it over there I’ve heard if when ur hitch is up if know one show u stuck so please tell me

Also I just called they told me IRS know one I can talk. To do u have a name possibly

The equipment is all fairly new. Keep a low profile and you’ll be fine. As far as reliefs go I have now and have had great reliefs. I no the office people have changed so don’t have any names but I would fill out an application and send it in as well as tell the secretary who do you talk to in human resources to get hired. Good luck

i applied 3 weeks ago with a “fill out a job app and if we like what we see we will call”

Is Bouchard a union outfit? If so, are they 333?

No we are not union at all. You might need to just get lucky and have ur app on there desk when they look ya no. When I came back this hitch there was word that they were looking to fill a couple spots. This is just what I heard so it might have changed. But I see new guys on the boats alot so that says sumthing.

Thanks Capt for ur help I got the app and I’m filling it out today

Not a problem my friend good luck

ismas out of florida was looking for guys a few weeks ago 352-588-4294.

Thanks for info could u tell me a little about these guys like pay,work hitch etc

i really dont know anything about them. a buddy of mine worked for them some years ago as a mate, he loved it and said they were a great outfit. iknow the run they were talking about was texas to alabama i think, something like that. i dont think the money was great, but it was comparable to gulf wages. try kirby as well, dont have a number for them but you can find them online. saw that bouchard is looking for guys not sure what position 631-390-4900, they have great equipment, thats about all the good you can say about them, but hey they are a job. vane brothers (where i work) says they are always hiring, pretty good outfit 410-735-8212, ask for tom lamb. other than that brother just start searching online ,keep an eye on here) and start cold calling/emailing.

good luck brother

U all push Red Flags at Van Brothers

yeah. all red flags here.

One more Question on Van Brothers where do they usually run and what’s the pay rate start at for Exp. Tankermen I’m
On 2nd issue and last what rotation or they on thanks

Also Van Brothers are they sea going barges

I need Van Brothers Web address also what’s the pay for Exp. Tankermen I’m on my 2nd issue also do I need an AB

carefully re read the thread, both the correct spelling and the phone number is there already.

Thanks but you may need to Read carefully I didn’t ask for there number I asked for Web address