Union Members Vacation Time

While Blue Water guys are ashore collecting vacation pay, are they still eligible for unemployment like years past? Any tips on part time employment to help pad income? Especially in the Hampton Roads area.

Union wages are so low that you need unemployment or a non-union side job in order to get by on your time off?

Sounds like union wages need to rise!

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Depends on what states the companies youve been sailing with over the last few years are based in.

Also how the company feels about you filing for unemployment. Most aren’t too keen.

Thanks for the positive posts. I am looking into sailing with MEBA to escape the Gulf and IQ challenged people like the ignorant remark above. I swear, every topic is like visiting a good friend and having their ADD, sugar infused, career entry level, extra chromosome having child in your face; that is making adult conversation impossible.

Really!?! No company I’ve ever worked for had a problem with/ contested unemployment for the guys doing relief jobs. I can’t think of any Union Blue Water company that has a problem with it, it’s a cost of doing business in the maritime sector. I never collected as a permanent but I’m sure you still could. You get you vacation check one lump sum as soon as you get off. Vacation in Union contracts is deferred wages.

I’m sure private companies keep paying you bi-weekly and on the “payroll” so the few private deepsea guys are probably getting screwed there as well.

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YMMV. :man_shrugging:

I heard of guys filing for it, the company calling them and offering them work, they turn it down, and then the company can fight the unemployment claim, since they were offered employment.

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In the last 20 years I’ve collected unemployment in 6 or 7 different states with a bunch of different companies, as permanent and rotary. Never have I had a company deny me. When I moved up to a senior officer billet I stopped collecting on my own accord. I am fairly certain I could still collect but Its my choice not to. If I were to work rotary jobs again I would file.