AMO- Crowley Tanker- Unemployment

If I’m a regular on one of the ships can I file for unemployment when I sign off? Would be returning to same vessel after vacation was over. What state would I have to file through?

Any input would be appreciated.

Probably not, because you’re on regular paid vacation. But its worth a shot, file in Florida because they’re based out of JAX.

You can file but Crowley is going to call you and offer you a job immediately so that you can’t file for unemployment.

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Pretty much what happens.

Each state has their own eligibility requirements. I believe there are issues mariners on recurring contracts may encounter if they file for unemployment under various states employment laws such as (1) the reason for the job separation and (2) ongoing work search requirements (among others based on the specific facts of the situation).

For example, under Florida law YOU MUST CONDUCT AN ONGOING JOB search and you must document your efforts and report them to collect benefits. You must also register with the Employ Florida Marketplace before claiming weeks of unemployment. If you are offered a suitable job, but turn it down, you could lose your benefits. You are also required to report your efforts to find a new job when you claim your benefits and Florida unemployment laws also require you to contact five potential employers each week in order to maintain benefits.

Florida Unemployment Benefits and Eligibility for 2020.

Before retiring in 2017, the previous 5 or 6 working years had been on Crowley vessels as a deckie. There was never a problem filing. Here’s why. It’s rotary shipping, so you MUST get off to allow the relief to fulfill his contract. [There also is union rules that restrict remaining aboard, as I recall]. Because of that, you can honestly say “yes” to “absence of work”. The FL form did ask if you belonged to a union.

Also, you are looking for work, because you check on-line at AMO, so I checked in 5 times with the union. The only hiccup I recall was when you collected vacation - as you can’t return to work. But sometimes I did because of “company need”. To answer the form correctly, FILE AFTER you have your vacation check - because if you get your check while filing, you have to declare the income [and won’t get any bennies for that week].

Lastly, FL unemployment is almost the worst. I liked it when the ship’s corporate office was in NY, NJ or HI.