Unemployment and the Merchant Mariner

We’ve been notified we are being laid of next week from what used to be permanent positions, (this was not deep sea contract work). My question is this, my pay stub says Washington state, I actually worked in PA( docking and undocking port), and the w2 the company gave me said florida.

Where the hell do I file my unemployment? Obviously the difference between states is huge, WA is survivable, FL is a joke and PA is a little better. How does it work for Merchant Mariners when it comes to unemployment, if my pay stub is being sent from Washington am I not working there technically?

Any help on this issue would be very much appreciated, Im sure the answer is that it favors the employer not the employee which won’t surprise me much at this point! Thanks!

Apply with where your pay stub is from then apply with your home state saying that you have applied in WA… You claim will be denied if you don’t apply in home state.

Apply where you reside.

You apply where you live. They use the info on the tax form and file a claim against the registered state Then you will be waiting until the states hash out ‘who’s in charge’. Usually in two weeks. What credentials do you have? Gotta love Harley huh?

Good thing I never went to work with Harley…