Seamen filing unemploment

It was recommended to me to apply to the state that the company was based in. Apparently, it is common practice to file with the state that pays greater

I sailed for a New York company for 6 months and when I applied to their Unemployment board, naturally they asked for an NY address and Driver’s License. A no-go, obviously so I re applied in my home state, which screens people out with the question ‘did you work in another state within the last 18 months’

Just scratching my head wondering what to do now? Is there a common procedure?

I once filed in new York and I live in Nevada. I had no problems claiming unemployment from a different state.

I live in New Jersey, worked in Texas and new york, claimed Texas and ny unemployment (at different times) no problems, did it all online too

In the past I’ve had no problems filing for unemployment in NJ, NC, CA, WA, and AL while living in Idaho. Did you explain to the person you spoke to that you work for a NY company and pay into NY unemployment?

[QUOTE=Horatio;88933]Just scratching my head wondering what to do now? Is there a common procedure?[/QUOTE]

It is called an “interstate claim.” I suggest you go online to your state’s unemployment insurance agency and look up the rules and procedures to file your claim.

Now this was back in 1988 during the 333 strike but I was told that I had to file in N.Y. State as that was where my company was located. After I got the first check I could then transfer my claim to my home state Florida. I was paid the N.Y. rate even though FL was much lower.

Not sure how it works now but from what I have been told by some friends down here in FL (landlubbers) that it is all done on line.

Some states, WA I know, do not have an automated system for initial interstate claims. You have to either speak with a real person on the phone or file in person. After the initial claim is filed you should be able to use the automated system to file your weekly claim. Best of luck to you!