About to apply for jobs

I just did my AB and am waiting to get it back from NMC. I was just wondering if the job market is beter now than it was last summer.

Apply at Hornbeck they need some ab’s on the tugs. There were some people that quit. Lol

Much better. Still have to be there at the right place and right time.

That guy Rebel on here worked there for a bit, maybe he can enlighten some about working there.

Thanks for the heads up. I talked to Hornbeck in May and they told me to come back after I got my AB and RFPNW. I might only get the OSV,RFPNW and not the special for tug boats.

Thanks for the information. I talked to HOS in May and they told me to get my AB and RFPNW. I will have my AB OSV and RFPNW but they need special for tugs.

I worked on the tugs for a while and really enjoyedit. Moved on to bigger things but Hornbeck was good to me. Some people have worked there and couldn’t cut it because getting on and off the wire isn’t fit everyone.

Dont get your OSV AB It will limit you so much. Just get the time to get the special limited or unlimited. Alot of people will tell you the same thing. If you need any help send me a message and i can answer anything i can. But dont get the AB OSV it will just limit your opportunities. there are a number of companies in the gulf that will take you right now. Chouest is one of the big ones. Just show up and wait and stay at:
A Chateau on the Bayou Bed & Breakfast
3158 Hwy 308
Raceland, LA

Ab-osv isn’t a waste but you it might get you a job and just pay the upgrade as soon as you get time for ab special

Depends. If you dont have the sea days its better that than O/S.
Right time, right place. If they need you they will hire you. AB OSV or not.

I am going down there in the fall w/ AB OSV/RFPNW. I have the time for AB Spec. but in order to work as an AB on waters that require STCW you must have RFPNW done to conduct watches and helm duties. For guys like me who have time but could not obtain RFPNW the traditional way aboard a larger vessel, taking the simulator to get it was really the only option if I wanted to actually make AB pay. So I think having AB OSV, in my case, actually opens up more possibilities as I can take a job just about anywhere as an AB or deckhand. And I believe you can upgrade to standard AB Spec by simply completing RFPNW once on board a boat (I will have to look into that once I am aboard a boat haha). As has been said before, “right place, right time.” From what I gather on here and in life, if you want something bad enough you will get it with diligence. Go down there and be prepared to stay for awhile and wait for that slot to open. Once you are in you’re in, moving up and around is the easy part, or so I’ve been told.

Thanks for the info. I think I will wait to try and nock on doors. The dredging company I work for wants me back on the July 15 and the Coast Guard just asked me to get a new physical.