Want to go into the Military Sealift Command after high school

Hi I’m new here. I am interested in the MSC but I also hear about these other contractors and maritime companies that hire too. I am wondering if I can get into the MSC after high school? This year is my senior year and I cant join the military because of a foot problem, I require orthotics in my shoes so its a DQ for me. I want to do something other than just go straight to college after high school, and I talked to a friend of my dads who used to be in the MSC and told me to check it out. What I am wondering is, can I get this job out of high school? Or are there college requirements, I know there are many many jobs in this field and I sound like a total noob right now, lol.

Please forgive me guys, I am super confused with this whole MSC thing and I need some questions answered lol. I know on forums like this, people who dont know much get bashed a ton but I know totally that I probably sound like an idiot that knows nothing about this lol.

I read on the MSC website that there is a hiring fair in San Diego on July 18, I was thinking about going since I’ll be in that area but its a hiring fair and I would think they are looking for people who can immediately start working. Since I am only 17 and still have a year left of HS, would they still give me some info on this whole thing? And if any of you have expirience with the MSC could you tell me what the whole hiring and training process is like?

If you guys can give me some solid info I would really appreciate it, ever since I got the no go from the Navy Recruiter I have been confused as to what I should do with myself after HS, I want to go to college but not right away.